Do You Have Room for a Personal Car Lift?

No other piece of automotive equipment is as useful as a 2-post car lift. Unfortunately, not everyone has room for one—or so you’d think.

With a car lift, you can do a multitude of things to your car, motorcycle or truck, all the while saving money, effort and stress. And best of all, owning one is easy, even if you live in a city apartment.

Read below to find out if you have room for a personal car lift.


If you live in suburbia, you’re probably best suited to own a
4-post lift
. Garages these days are amply built to fit multiple cars, and often come with attics as well.

The primary use for a car lift if you live in the suburbs is to give you full access to the underside, chassis, engine components, and any other part that requires maintenance. Instead of doling out hundreds of dollars a year to mechanics, you can jack your car up yourself, change the oil, change the tires, clean the rust, or do whatever else you’d normally pay an arm and a leg for.

City Dwellers

If you live in a city, your best application for car lifts is to expand your usable territory.

Whether you pay to park in a garage or in a lot, you should check your parking agreement to find out if there are restrictions against using a car lift; if not, you can quickly double your parking space by lifting one car and parking another underneath.

If you’re lucky enough to have a driveway or small yard, you can do the same here. Again, you’ll have to check with city codes or local ordinances to be sure you can have the piece of equipment around. If you can, a car lift is a fantastic way to park two cars where you would normally park one.

Special Scenarios

Of course, sometimes you just need to protect your autos against the unknown. Each year, hurricanes, tropical storms and other epic natural phenomena threaten property up and down all three coastlines in the U.S.

Instead of parking your car on the lawn, hoping that extra three inches will save it from flood damage, use a car lift to give yourself serious clearance over any approaching floodwaters. Since most lifts are made from heavy-duty metals, you won’t have to worry about excessive winds knocking it over.

And not only will your auto remain intact, your bank account will too.