Finding Service Workers for Your Home: Ask the Right Questions

Owning a home is a privilege but also a very big responsibility. From time to time, maintenance issues will arise that need attention. In some cases, an owner may be able to handle minor repairs and improvements on his or her own. When an issue is too big for an amateur, calling in a professional service worker is the smart step so you do not make problems any worse.
Whether you need
plumbing services or a roofing company, the people that you let in and around your home need to be trustworthy. Paying a company to do work on your home is a much bigger leap of faith than simply walking into a store and buying goods. Even in emergency home repair situations, it is important to take some time to research the company or individual you hire to come into your home. Here are some questions you should always ask before hiring a service worker:

What are your certifications?
If you hire an
air conditioning
technician, ask to see his HVAC license. Do a little online research and find out what other certifications and business documents are required for a legitimate air conditioning business in your area. Many larger companies simply do not hire people that are not up to par in the certifications area, so you may want to start with franchises. Do not rule out small business though—just ask to see credentials before hiring.

What is your experience?
Classroom training and passing exams for certification is important, but so is actual hands-on experience. Ask how many years a service worker has been in business and what area he has covered. This is a vital question to ask of the person that installs your alarm system as well as the person that takes charge of your new bathroom design. If someone does not have a lot of experience, ask for references instead.

What is your price and time frame?
This seems like an obvious question, but do not overlook it. If you want new flooring installed by the end of the month, you need to be sure that time frame is possible. Many service workers will provide free estimates on doing the work, but be wary. Find out if the price that you are quoted includes follow-up work, or if there will be other additional costs as the project gets underway. It may be smarter to pay a little more upfront if it means that you will save later on.
Why should I hire you?
Think of the service worker hiring process as a job interview. Give the builder, plumber, or flooring expert the chance to tell you why he is the best person to hire. There will likely be comments that are made that address issues you had not even thought about in advance. The answer to this question will give you more insight into the personality and work ethic of the potential worker.

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