Online Training to Boost Productivity

Getting employees performing well and in sync is critical to ensure a productive workforce. But what is the best way to approach this matter?


Dynamic companies are benefiting from using technology such as webinar software to help train employees. Because people are much more comfortable with using their phones, tablets and laptops, using this skill will provide a comfortable platform for employees to train as opposed to long drawn out training days which can be less than motivating.

It Starts at the Beginning
When hiring new staff, employers need to ascertain if candidates are open to further training. Applicants also need to show the ability to collaborate and contribute not only face-to-face, but also online. It is important that orientation and training does not just take part on the first day, but that employees can become a productive member of the team with technology as a main helping factor.

Tools to Succeed
Some tools are obvious basics such as email and an internet connection, but it also extends to shared document space, private networks and collaboration software. Creating online courses for training is now as effective, if not more effective as traditional seminars, as employees do not need to wait for the next physical meeting.

Using tools such as webinar software not only offers the opportunity for many employees to get training, but using the features, such as simultaneous chat and online whiteboards makes it more interactive and more practical and without the monetary and time cost of having to take someone out of a project to teach.

Pacing it
Remember that training requires flexibility. Devise training programmes and learning processes that play to employee’s strengths. Allow them to review new material at their own pace and give them time to go back to clarify issues that they are unsure of to maximise their experience and boost productivity.

Regardless of industry, employees always need resources and will require training, not only to keep the business going but to maintain a happy workforce. Businesses that are willing to adopt new technology for hiring and training staff see massive benefits in both their cash flow and more importantly, their productivity.


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