Grooming Tips for the Groom

Weddings are generally focused on the bride – the dress, the bouquet, the makeup and so on. But that doesn’t mean that the groom shouldn’t take care of his looks as their big day approaches. After all, he’s the only other person in the event who will share the spotlight with the bride the whole time.

If you’re among those grooms who haven’t realised yet that they’ll be photographed as much as the bride on their wedding day, stop thinking that you don’t need any preparation and pampering. You do need to look your best, too, on your wedding.


Look in the mirror and see what type of skin problems you have. If you’ve never used any facial product, you should start using basic facial products regularly. If you don’t have any serious skincare needs, you’d only need to use cleanser, toner and moisturiser on a daily basis to make sure your skin doesn’t dry up or break out with all the stress leading to the wedding day.

Visit a dermatologist immediately if you think you need to consult any facial problem like pimple marks, blemishes or acne. If you’re thinking of having a facial treatment, never do it too close to your wedding date.

Goatees, beards and moustaches seem to be a trend for many men today. If you decide to appear at your wedding without taking off your facial hair, make sure it is trimmed well. But it’s still best to appear clean-shaven on your big day.


Your bride will have a hair and makeup artist with her to make sure she’s at her prettiest. So why not skip your usual barber shop and go to a hair salon this time? It’s best to visit the salon one to two weeks before your wedding to have a haircut that will enhance your features. Ask the stylist for tips on how to style your hair before the ceremony. If you wish, you can even book for a styling appointment on your wedding day.

Hands and Nails

Your hands will be photographed as you exchange your rings and hold hands. Don’t you dare come to your wedding with dry hands and long, dirty fingernails. You might be wearing an expensive wedding band, but it still won’t look good if your hands and nails aren’t clean. Barber shops and salons today offer men’s manicure services to make sure your nails are cleaned and buffed.


It’s going to be one of the happiest days of your life. You’ll be smiling a lot, and photos will capture that. So make sure you’ve got pearly whites in their truest sense.

You can buy DIY teeth whitening products from the drugstore or from a dental clinic. But if you don’t have that much time, have it done by the dentist. In-office whitening usually takes effect much faster than at-home bleaching. Ask the dentist, too, for advice on which foods and drinks you should avoid to promote the whitening of your teeth.

Especially for men who really don’t bother to do any of the grooming activities mentioned above, everything will be an extra effort. But once you see the results in your photos and the pleasant reaction from your bride, you know that it was all worth it.


Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.