Kit Home Prep and Construction Essentials

Kit homes offer the convenience of building a new home at an affordable budget; you’ve probably considered ordering a package for your next renovation. Assembling a kit home from scratch is easy enough if you have basic knowledge of construction, and you can also hire a house designer and some builders to help you with the assembly. You have to consider the challenges which come with the conveniences, though. Assembly is a cinch but you have to make sure the process is cleared with local regulations, and that the project complements the terrain, climate, and location of the area you’re building on. You really can’t build a log cabin kit home on sloped terrain, so there are limitations to consider before you commit to a purchase and building project.

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Council Approval

You have to cover for the most important prerequisite to building a kit home: is the package council approved? Some suppliers bundle the service of applying for council approval once you purchase the kit, while others compensate with slashed prices. Note that the process takes some time, so you should consider opting for council-approved plans if you don’t want to deal with all the legwork. It’s easier if you’ve already hired a house designer who’ll oversee the prep and construction, otherwise the added costs of the service should be worth it.

A Guarantee of Quality

The structural integrity of the package should be guaranteed at the outset, especially if you’re building it on your own. Your purchase should come with an engineer’s certification, covering all the important aspects of construction. An owner builder’s manual also helps you put the pieces together without much effort, but only if it’s laid out in user-friendly manner. Your supplier should be clear on the support services that come with the purchase, including delivery, assembly, and cleanup, and they should fulfill their responsibilities as per the demands of the contract.

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Construction Details

The project should be treated as an actual construction, which means that it involves a realistic timeframe, cost, and labor estimate. You can’t afford to have everything shipped to the site and leave everything to the mercy of DIY assembly. Consider hiring services offered by the supplier so your crew doesn’t have to fumble with the pieces and the process of construction. Clarify the details of the delivery, the kind of materials used for the construction, the coverage of the construction and cleanup service, warranties for substandard service or materials, and access to licensed, skilled personnel who can handle the task for you.

Go for Local Suppliers

You’re better off hiring a local supplier, one who’s familiar with council laws in your area and who’ll be able to take over the approval process. The proximity is also an advantage when it comes to delivery; shipping the building materials require multiple trips, and you’ll pay more if the shipments come from the next state (or worse, overseas). Your supplier should be recognized by an accredited organization, like the 
Housing Industry Association in Australia. Browse through kit homes Queensland in Valley Kit Homes if you’re considering an extension or renovation of your property. The convenience and affordability of kit homes ensures you’ll have your new property setup and complete in less time and with minimal effort.


Ben Wall has been involved in real estate property development over the last ten years. He is passionate about this industry and wishes to share what he has learned from his experience with Australian suburban real estate to those who wish to know more about the business.