How to Stay Safe and Warm With Your Patio Heaters

If you’re the type who loves to throw parties outdoors and entertain guests in your patio area, or simply just love hanging out and getting some quality down time, a portable heater will serve you in good stead. However, even if you use heaters with safety features, there are still risks that can happen if you’re not too careful.

A good way to ensure that you and your family stay warm all year is to make sure you get exactly the right outdoor heater that will suit your needs and your space, one that comes equipped with all the necessary safety features like automatic shut-off systems and electric starters.

First, know that outdoor heaters vary in size and power-level. Using a large heater to heat up a small room can be dangerous and can pose as a serious fire threat and this is especially true when you are going to use the heater in enclosed spaces like garages, sheds, barns or even warehouses. You should also be aware that there are three kinds of fuel source for heaters: natural gas, propane and electric. 

Electric heaters can’t be put anywhere that isn’t near a power outlet while the gas-powered heaters have the utmost mobility and can be placed practically anywhere and are easy to install. However, be aware that there are varieties of gas-powered heaters that are powered by combustion so you must make sure you operate them in a well-ventilated area outdoors. It is also safe and efficient to use heaters made of stainless steel, with ceramic mediums so that heat is distributed evenly, regardless of whether it is a free-standing unit or mounted on the wall or ceiling. 

Once you find the perfect heater to use for your outdoor patio, you will need to do the following as additional safety guidelines and to completely take full advantage of your heater’s benefits:

Carefully read the manufacturer’s operation instructions and guidelines for operating the unit
Do not place the heater near flammable objects
Do not stand too close to the heater especially if it releases gas by combustion
Do not touch the parts that get hot
Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation when operating gas-powered heaters
It will also help to purchase your heaters from reputable manufacturers like Bromic Heating. 
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Lance Rand is a freelance writer who writes various topics for different online clients. He also currently blogs for Bromic Heating - a company that provides innovative and prestigious outdoor gas and electric heating solutions.