Create Your Own Fall Decorations

Trying to figure out how you are going to decorate your house this coming fall? Not looking forward to spending money on fall garlands, flowers, and other decoration pieces? Why not make your own fall decorations? Instead of looking at your black grout and being OK with some fall colors that happen to be in your house, make the effort to decorate the house yourself.

If you are a DIY person then these ideas are just right for you. The following are some great DIY fall décor suggestions and ideas to help you get started on decorating your house for the fall:

  • Wrap it With Twine
    Whatever decorations you have now, you can make look more fall-like by wrapping them with twine or burlap. Twine and burlap both have a tan ragged look that is perfect for fall decorations. For example, you can wrap glass containers and or candle holders in twine to give them a fall look.
  • Trace and Cut
    Using simple fall colored pieces of paper you can print, trace, and cut different shapes or figures that represent fall and Halloween. You can make ghosts, leaves, cats, pumpkins, bats, etc. Once they have been cut you can decorate the whole house with them, place them on doors, on windows, on mirrors, etc. You can also use fall colored paper to create fall paper chains to decorate with.

  • Pumpkin Seeds
    Instead of eating or throwing away the pumpkin seeds you find when you gut your pumpkins for carving, painting, and decorating; use them for decorations. You can bake them up then use them as a base for the inside of a glass candle holder, or you can glue them onto the outside of a larger candle. Pumpkin seed crafts are tons of fun.
  • Acorn Centerpieces
    Instead of buying acorns use the ones you find outside. Of course you will need to bake them, to make sure there are no bugs that get into your house, first then you can give them a clear coating of paint or spray paint to ensure they stay nice and brown and shiny. You can use acorns as the base for a clear candleholder, you can strew them around and use them as the base of other centerpieces, or your can glue them together and create your own decoration pieces.
  • Make Fall Potpourri
    You can create your very own fall potpourri and it will serve as a fall decoration as well as a great way to scent up your house. That way your house will look and smell like fall time.  Use things like vanilla beans, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, allspice, cinnamon sticks, orange peels lemon peels, star anise, etc. and create your own great smelling potpourri.

Now that you have some ideas on how you can decorate your house, without spending a pretty penny, you can do some brainstorming of your own in order to really make your fall décor special, unique, and interesting. Take one of the above ideas and invent something new and different. Maybe try something you have never tried before. Part of DIY projects is the fun of never quit knowing how it is going to turn out.

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Madison Resare is a content creator who enjoys writing about DIY crafts, black grout, and seasonal décor.