Wonderfully Different Candle Holders You Must See!

I love candles. I live in a hot country in a not so large apartment, so candles are not always the most sensible thing to be using but, I just can't help myself and find myself lighting them on every occasion- when I'm alone as a muse, when I want to create a romantic eating atmosphere for my husband and I and when I just want to add light to the apartment!

I am also a religious person so I light them on a weekly basis as part of our Sabbath ritual. When lighting the candles before the Sabbath I find that I am inviting in a peacefulness that is special to the Sabbath day.

Hanukkah Menorah During the week too I like to light candles- when I'm in a pensive mood and home alone, when I want to make a romantic meal and even when I want to enjoy the scent of the scented candles we have, as well as enjoy their light…

I also adore do-it-yourself home decor and recently stumbled across the idea of decorating glass holders for candles and thought "Of course! How didn't I think of this earlier?!"Let me share what I found with you so that you too can invite some more light into your home in wonderfully creative ways…

Transparent Paper

Hands up if you too haven’t played with transparent paper since you were in primary school and creating decorations for your respective festival of lights?! But really, what a great idea! An empty jam jar, decorated with transparent paper designs around it! Simple, cute and fun!

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers on glass candle holders look simply gorgeous- and I think pansies look especially pretty! In order to create this effect, press your flowers between book covers then glue them onto the candle holders.

Paper Bags

An old favorite of mine is placing candles in glass candle holders in paper bags and then tying a colored raffia ribbons haphazardly around the bag. So simple yet so chic.

Wine Glasses

I've actually seen this at many a "do"- large wine glasses filled with water, floating candles and petals. The candles and petals are often matching with the theme color of the occasion. There is really no reason not to copy this look in your own home and to make a simple evening dinner a special occasion!


I feel like I can't neglect one candle holder- the Hannukiah- used on the festival of Hannukah in Israel, the Hannukiah comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colors and are a stunning way of displaying a number of candles.

Asian Paper

For the ultimate decoration for an Asian-themed evening, cover glass candles holders with newspapers from China, Japan or the like and the result adds so much to the themed evening!

Fragrant Candles

For those, like me, who love the smell of lavender and most other natural plants and herbs, the idea of placing candles in a glass container, firmly nestled in something like lavender is just a divine idea! Not only do you get a gorgeously natural look, you also get a stunning smell emanating from the candle!

Romantic Lace

For lovers of romantic themes- I find a glass holder with a wide piece of lace wrapped around it, romantic, summery and simply beautiful!

Seaside Theme

For those throwing a party with a seaside theme, or even for those just wanting to extend the summer fun a wonderful way of decorating a glass candle holder is by filling the holder with a layer of sand, followed by a layer of seashells and finally placing a tubular candle in the middle.

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