5 Best Indian Cities to Live, Work and Play

Every Indian city has its own share of idiosyncrasies. But how to choose which the best Indian city to live is, work and play? Read the following post to know more.



Just as India is a diverse country, every Indian city also upholds the same. From Guwahati in the north east to Ahmedabad in west to Trivandrum in south to Jammu in north—each city offers something or the other. For example, if Delhi is famous for Chandni Chowk and rich historical heritage, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India records the highest number of workers serving in the Information Technology sector. Every city offers something or the other in terms of Live, Work and Play. The following paragraphs examine some of the best Indian cities on these lines.

Bangalore: Popularly termed as the Silicon Valley of India, the Kannada capital continues to remain a hot favourite with youngsters, especially working professionals. It goes without saying that nearly 80% of these professionals serve software industry. If we examine it in other terms, it has been found that Bangalore is one of the most developed Indian cities that even reach up to international standards. Once known as the pensioners’ paradise, today, Bangalore’s population exudes vibrancy with the maximum cosmopolitan culture. It is also one of the most favoured cities for expatriates in India. The city offers almost everything – a robust infrastructure, to grand social infrastructure and of course an impressive real estate boom. If you are looking for a property in Bangalore you can check the Internet. Indian has some of the best property sites such as 99acres.com. Browse these sites for all kinds of properties and find your best option.


Gurgaon: The IT hub of north India, Gurgaon matches up to world class standards when it comes to work, play and live. Very close to New Delhi, the capital yet distant from it when it comes to socio-political and most importantly work culture —all these make Gurgaon a favourable city to live, work and also play. The presence of multiple business parks housing corporates like MSN, Google and Dell, make Gurgaon one of the top choices among cities in northern India to work and live. Connectivity to Delhi with metro; more recently the inauguration of the Rapid Metro, that connects locations within the city, make it all the more a favourite with professionals. Presence of several shopping malls also adds to the effect of the city gradually scoring among all and sundry.

Surat: Does it surprise you? Well, you might be surprised but of late, the second largest city in Gujarat after Ahmedabad has emerged as one of fastest growing Tier II cities after Pune. Interestingly, Surat has bragged highest points in terms of infrastructural development, property market and the quality of life. Recently, the city has been adjudged as the third cleanest city and also the “Best Urban Cities in India”. If you plan to try your luck in Surat, it can actually turn out to be good.

Chennai: The biggest and the most important hub of all activities in south India, Chennai is currently ranked fourth in terms of work and living. Keeping these parameters in mind, Chennai has been declared as one of the most hospitable compared to many other Indian cities. What scores with the residents of the city are the reasonable costs of living. At present, the second biggest exporter of Information Technology, Chennai is essentially a great city to reside in with negligible percentage of crime reported.

Pune: Once a traditional Maratha capital, today Pune is known to the country for its educational institutions. However, Pune has more to offer when it comes to quality of life, work and play. Be it travelling to hill stations on a weekend or grueling over a presentations while sitting at the Koregaon IT Park—Pune offers both. Along with these remain the cultural pursuits, a cool and temperate climate and of course vicinity to Mumbai makes it a favourite with many Indians.


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