Cute and great Pet Car Seat for Comfortable Travel

Heated Pet Car Seat for Comfortable Travel with Your Pet

heated pet seat Heated Pet Car Seat for Comfortable Travel with Your Pet

When we talk about cutest animal, I will choose dog. It’s not only cute, but also, dog can become your best friend. Most of us also like to travel with our dog. And I found one gadget that can help us to give our dog great place to stay in the car. It’s called Heated Pet Car Seat.

It’s just looks like ordinary pet seat. However, we can call it the comfortable Heated Pet Car Seat. Why? It made of plush and comfortable material. It has shape like sofa, except there’s a hole where you can put your dog inside. The base of this pet seat is thick, which is about 3 inch. On the bottom of this pet seat, there’s heater. It gives 15 degrees mild heat to your pet. Therefore, this product can really give a cozy Heated Pet Car Seat for your Pet. It only uses 12 volt battery or you can connect it to you charger. To make it stable, you can string your car seat belt through the base.

Although this product looks not so appealing on the design, which just looks like most of pet car seat, it’s great product for you who like to travel with your pet. However, you might need to reconsider when you want to buy it. It’s priced around $149, which is quite expensive for Simple Heated Pet Car Seat.

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