5 Ways to Save Money on Your French Provincial Decoration

Even in the dire economic conditions of today, people want a good looking home. When it comes to decorating your house, it is something that can be achieved on a budget. You don’t have to give an arm and a leg to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. One of the best ideas in this regard is going for a French provincial decorating theme. The style originated in France in the 17th and 18th century and has been growing in popularity ever since. Making use of embroidery, armoires, mirrors and countryside color, French provincial décor will make a wonderful choice for your home. If you are short on money, here are 5 tips to save money on home French provincial decoration.
Stick to French Provincial Decorating
The key to saving money on décor is to stick religiously to the theme you have selected, that is French provincial decorating. This is why you need to think before you choose. Once you have laid your finger on it, you cannot retreat or modify it. Any changes or improvisation you decide to do will cost you money and increase the cost of decoration. When you follow the same theme throughout, you will know exactly what to buy and how much money you will have to spend.

Don’t Spend Extravagantly
This seems like a misstatement in this day and age, but people do fall in love with the theme they have selected and end up spending way more than they can afford. Even if you love the French provincial decorating style, get only the necessary items to stick to it. There are going to be temptations to buy everything you see in the shops but you have to refrain from going for your wallet again and again.
Browse Stores – Online and Offline
To find the things you need, it is better that you check out as many stores as you can. Often, you will be able to get the things cheaper from an online store as compared to a walk-in store. It is better to go through as many stores as possible so that you have an idea of the variety of prices on offer. Otherwise, embroidery, armoires and other French provincial décor will cost you a lot.
Do the slight modifications and rearrangements that have to be done around the home yourself. If you have enough patience and you really want the French provincial theme, you will be able to work out the furnishing and paints and other décor yourself without having to spend money on outside help.

Sell Your Old Décor
Since you are going for a new French provincial theme, it is better to sell off your old things and furniture that you are going to replace. You can hold a garage sale or sell them online. This will earn you some money to spend on new décor, while bring the cost of adopting the new theme down.
You don’t have to empty your pockets to have a good looking home theme. Follow these money saving tips for decorating your home French provincial style. Chris is a trained interior designer and a specialist in french provincial furniture. When he is not working, Chris loves sharing tips online.