Enjoying a Friday Night at a Wine Bar

It is Friday night and most people are wondering how they can make the most of their night.  It has been a long and tough work week.  After forty or more hours people just want to enjoy their time off.  However, socializing on the weekend helps most people to stay up-beat and energetic during the week.  There is always the option of taking it easy and relaxing but I recommend going for a night out with the boys, or enjoying an evening with the girls, or maybe going on a date with that special person in your life.  Whatever the case is, Friday nights are meant to be enjoyed.

Unwind at a Wine Bar

There are so many adventures and entertainment, especially in the giant city of Houston, to enjoy the weekend.  One of my most favorite places to go is a wine bar.  I love going to wine bars and enjoying a glass of merlot.  It is a perfect way to take the edge off of a busy day to enjoy the finer things in life.

Wine Bar Memorial Houston

One great place to enjoy a glass of wine is this new place called Memorial Wine Cellar.  This wine bar is great because it is located on Memorial off of I-10 so it is close to downtown but far enough away that I can still get out of the city.  This wine bar Houston has a huge selection and I like it because of the atmosphere.  The people there are great company and the staff can tell you everything you could ever want to know about wine.

Wine Tasting

Have you ever been to a bar and you did not know one bottle of wine on the menu?  That has happened countless times to me.  Although I usually choose a red wine recommended by the server I would still like to try it first.  The best solution is to find a wine bar that has wine tastings.  Wine tastings usually have a cover charge and guests are encouraged to try different styles to find their favorites.  Wine tastings have a great atmosphere and can be a great place to go for a date.

Live Music

Not only are wine bars great because people can gather and enjoy wine, but many places have live music.  What could be better than ending your work weak with some blues or maybe even a little jazz?  Live music is great because customers get to experience some of the local talent.  Also, if you happen to be a local musician then you can enquire about performing there also.

Take Time for Yourself

When the work weak winds down do not stay at home.  Instead, see what your area has to offer for entertainment.  Plus this is a great way for anyone to make new friends.

Owned and opperated by Dwayne and Mary Harrison, Memorial Wine Cellar is the perfect Wine Bar for anyone to enjoy a glass of wine or to purchase a bottle as a gift.