Latest Trends with Handbags

Studded clutch and handbags are what the ladies are searching for now a days. The latest trends in ladies wardrobe include studs, belt, beauty, and hair accessories. Fashion trend may end but will surely come back so do quilted purses and handbags.
The studs and metal accessories added to handbag's design bring out the best in it. They never go out of style as they are common sight in ladies carrying designer handbags in many occasions. The clutch, purse or handbag serves as a lady's companion at a formal, casual, and cocktail party.

The latest trends with handbags can be noticed with the come-back of envelop bags. The small shoulder bags of the 70's have returned appearing in neutral colors like beige, grey, and brown. It has new designs and sophistication to balance a trendy casual look. Envelop clutches with studded style is far unique and different from the style of the 70's. Envelop bags are great accessories for women when going to a dinner date or night out parties. However, others would prefer to carry smaller bags like envelop bags because they are handy and easy while shopping, going to the mall, and watching a movie or concert.
Medium shoulder bag or brown leather bag is a perfect choice of purse preferred by many women especially teenagers since they are cute, spacious and comfortable to carry with its adjustable shoulder strap. The small ladylike purse is ideal for a long day of traveling or an out of town trip with friends, workmates and buddies. The brown leather bag is a fashionable accessory decorated with unique stud designs. A typical example is the messenger bag which is both useful and stylish. It is a simple red-orange color bag with sleek design, a leather strap and plenty of storage spaces, two outside and four inside pockets.
Ivory, white and pastel colors are the biggest trends in 2012. Tote in powdery pastel colors are easily match with various colors to be fashionable. A purely white bag is perfect to match with black color dress, top or skirts with intricate lace overlays or embroidery. They are perfect and dainty companion to take with for an out of town trips, tour trips or attending conferences.
Colorful carryalls are also fashionable that can be match with spring colors apparel of various prints and patterns. They are very useful and yet trendy when going for an errand, a short visit to a friend's house or going to gym or fitness exercise.
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