10 Cheap Ways to Make Your House Appealing to Buyers

When selling your house, it is essential to make it as appealing as possible to buyers so that you get the best price and the quickest sale possible.

Whilst spending large sums of money on a new kitchen or bathroom will definitely help, it is not only time-consuming but also isn’t even guaranteed to increase the property’s value by much more than the cost of the installation itself.

Instead, follow these great tips on making your house more appealing to buyers – you’d be surprised at how effective they are, despite costing you next to nothing!

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Tidy Up the Exterior


The first thing that a buyer sees when they arrive to view your property is the outside and this can set the tone for the whole visit – first impressions do count, after all.

Ensure that the front garden is mown – don’t forget the back garden too if you have one – and that the paint around the door isn’t flaking. Give it a quick, fresh coat of paint if necessary.And if you have a love of garish garden ornaments it’s best to keep these to a discreet corner of the back garden or, better still, your garden shed.


Leave a Parking Space

If you have a driveway or on-street parking, be sure to leave a space free, even if this means you having to park a few roads away.If the buyer has to walk far from their car to your front door it may give them the impression that the house is hard to get to, or that parking locally can be difficult.


 Empty the Foyer

Your entrance hall is the first place that potential buyers will see inside your home, so ensure that it looks as inviting as possible.Remove unnecessary coats, shoes, umbrellas and junk mail that may have accumulated, pop a clean welcome mat on the floor and make sure any pets you have are kept away from the area – you never know if the buyer might dislike or be scared of your animals.


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Rearrange Furniture


Be objective and position furniture as it looks best to the potential buyer, not as it is most comfortable or convenient for you to use – a few weeks of discomfort will be worth the extra money or quicker sale that you receive!Sofas and armchairs look best when positioned slightly away from the wall. If you’re unsure what to do, pick up a home interiors magazine and see how they have laid their lounge or dining room out.


Set the Table

You’ll also notice in any home interiors magazine that where a dining table is photographed, the table is nicely laid out with the best crockery possible.This makes the room look inviting and welcoming – your guest will be able to imagine themselves eating dinner there with their family or friends.


Hang Images in Long Hallways


A bare or empty corridor looks even longer than it really is and buyers may be put off by this.

Paintings or photographs on the walls will make it look much more inviting. Similarly, a cluttered hallway can look extremely small so avoid extremes and go for just a couple of well-chosen, well-positioned images for the best effect.


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De-Clutter the Bathroom


The same is true of every room in the house – hide ‘junk’ away in wardrobes and storage boxes – but the bathroom in particular is one of the major make-or-break rooms in a house.


Put shampoos, soaps and other toiletries away in a cupboard and make sure that all of the surfaces are sparkling clean.


Clean the Windows

Clean windows will let lots of light in and give your house a bright, fresh look.Ensure that the glass is crystal clear, then draw the curtains back and invite potential buyers round during the sunniest hours of the day.


Buy Flowers

Another tip from home improvement magazines – have you noticed how every room seems to have a spray of fresh flowers in a co-ordinating colour?

It’s a small but special touch that will make your house look more welcoming and well-decorated so opt for the most expensive and beautiful-looking blooms within your budget.


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Last but not least, if your walls are brightly-coloured or if you have wallpaper it would be well worth spending a few days stripping down any wallpaper and painting all of your walls a neutral shade such as cream or pale grey.

You might think your purple walls look lovely but the buyer may not – whilst it’s easy to tell yourself the buyer can repaint if they want to, the truth is that many will avoid this hassle if at all possible!

Estelle Puleston is a property blogger specialising in informing potential online buyers and sellers on key industry topics such as "how to sell my house online?" and "how to choose an online estate agents"


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