Fashion accessories aren't what they used to be.

Fashion trends run the gamut, and some can be over before you've even gotten the memo they've begun. When I was a kid the brand of jeans you wore was a very big deal and I'm sure that's still a factor for teens. But save for the Walkman and the color of our roller skate covers I don't think anyone of a certain age could have predicted that so many “out there” things could be included as part of our own personal vision of style.

Your Pet

The pet industry is one of the few markets out there that is thriving during the economic woes. Why is that? Well while some pet lovers look to cut costs with Fifi or Fido, many more are looking at their pets as beloved members of the family. I have personally seen the care some friends take in feeding their pups and goodness knows I had a gold-plated Himalayan, but now thanks to pet apparel, strollers and the like your pet can be a direct reflection of your own personal style. Sure you'll still see the occasional old-school Frisbee catching Retriever with a bandanna but you're also just as likely to see a Pug in a biker jacket or a Poodle in a tutu. Let's face it, love it or loathe the trend but pets are getting decked out.

Tech Stuff

Boy howdy, this one is particularly surprising to readers of a certain age but your phone, music player, laptop, etc has become a huge reflection of style. From specialized “skins” to customized ring tones and apps, what you cart around (and with what level of panache) can say a fair bit about you. And though purse and apparel sales are most likely still going strong a lot of people get more joy from picking a new cover for their smart phone than they do another bland pair of jeans. Technology is big business but technology accessories is even bigger.

Your Kid

There comes a time when a child is adamant about expressing his or her own style. The tough part is when that usually means marrying various animal prints and unholy color combinations but a parent can always hope that their own style (if any) somehow shows through with their kids. Though when parents actually do let their kids wander the town in six shades of pink and green they might be embarrassed but they also come off as pretty darned cool. I had pink hair as a teen, and when other adults commented to my mom about it my mom said, “If that's the worst thing she's doing, we're doing alright.” Of course it wasn't the worst thing I was doing but that freedom to be wild looking ultimately cemented my friendship with my mom and let me feel I had some sort of control over a life that of course I didn't have any control over. And yes, I calmed down eventually.

So while your kids may not go for the cargo pants and collared shirts you hope for they are still reflecting you. They show whether you save the bullets for the big bears or work incessantly to make your kids conform. Now when a company gets it together to get coordinating outfits for your kids, pets AND gadgets you'll soon be looking at a Fortune 500 biz!



Written by Sarah Simpson. Need some hot new tech accessories? Look here...