Diet Tips: 5 Ways to Boost Your Willpower When Losing Weight

Are you dieting? How is your willpower doing? If you are struggling with it there are plenty of methods you can use to help you reach your weight loss goal more easily than you would otherwise.

Don’t deprive yourself of food when you are hungry

Who says you have to stick to three meals a day? If you only eat three times a day there is every chance you aren’t eating when you are really hungry. This is a major test of your willpower and it is totally unnecessary. When you are hungry, simply eat enough to satiate that hunger.

Reduce your portion sizes

How big are your portions? Reducing them is easy to do and it gives you the ability to take in fewer calories and thus lose weight more readily. By eating sensibly you will boost your willpower more than you would think. And if you are full before you finish your portion size, leave the rest on the plate.

Make small changes on a regular basis

Changing your whole diet overnight can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up. So pick a few changes at a time and focus on each one individually. Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your coffee. Stop eating biscuits and swap them for fruit instead. Make smaller changes and feel better for it.

Take up an enjoyable form of exercise

Exercise shouldn’t be a drudge. Choose something you love to do and do small amounts of it every day if you can. You’ll get a dose of the feel good hormone that is released when you take exercise, and this boosts your mood and your willpower and determination too.

Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods

Why tell yourself you can’t eat chocolate when you can simply reduce the amount you have? This is by far the best way to approach those foods you would find it hard to give up. A little of what you enjoy when you are hungry will maintain your willpower and your weight loss in one fell swoop.


Willpower is stronger on some days than others. But as you can see it is easier than you might think to maintain it at a fairly steady level. If you can put the rules above into action right now, your weight loss could be a lot easier to achieve as a result.

This guest post was written by Alex from Lauras Wholesome Junkfood - where you can find lots of tasty, healthy cakes and a nice vegan cookie or two.