How to Teach Kids Secretly

Kids bored with school already? There are ways to teach them that are fun and they learn without realizing. Trivia games are an excellent teaching tool. There are specific games focusing on subjects like history, science and biology if you are trying to bolster your child's knowledge in a particular area.
There are also games that focus on a range of topics guaranteed to give your child a well-rounded experience. Games can be purchased and there are options as well for free trivia games online. Listed below are some of the most popular trivia games and websites for children:

Professor Noggin - ages 7 and up:
The Professor Noggin series of trivia games include specific topics such as the history of the United States, the human body and earth science. The subjects are almost endless and the game is one of the most popular on the market. The decks consist of 30 cards and a three-numbered die that encourages competition and dialogue between players. The cards consist of trivia, true or false and multiple choice questions.
Trivial Pursuit - ages 8 and up:
The game of Trivial Pursuit is a classic one. The children's version includes 1200 multiple choice questions in multiple categories: All about nature, fun and games, today and tomorrow, whatever, yesterday, music, movies and more. As in the original, this version includes a board, game pieces and wedges to be won as you master each subject. This game is fun for the whole family and the range of subjects allows for a true learning experience.

Beat the Parents - ages 6 and up:
Beat the Parents is a fun filled trivia game that pits the kids against the adults. Whoever gets the most points wins. The questions are varied and are for all age groups. Parents will learn just as much as their kids as the adult cards can be quite difficult at times.
Fun Trivia: has many trivia games for all age groups. They can learn about the world, sports, animals and religion just to name a few. One of the best reasons to use this site is the specific categories. You can find things as specific as trivia about the ballet and the stories told through dance or something as general as miscellaneous facts about all kinds of jobs. Finding a topic here is simple as the site is well organized and extremely user-friendly.
Buzzle: offers content to challenge your kids. Questions range from "What was Mickey Mouse's original name?" to "Who was the inventor of the light bulb?” Answers are included on the site and will teach children (and parents) about silly and serious things both.

Syvum: is another general knowledge trivia site for kids. The categories are separated by age group and/or grade in order to help you choose the right level of difficulty for your child. If they're in 2nd grade and have mastered that section, move them on to the 3rd grade section. These questions will be more challenging and encourage learning and discussion among the family.
As you can see, trivia games for kids come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to expand their knowledge of a particular subject or just encourage them to stretch their brains in all directions, these games will do that. In today's society, full of television and video games, it's important to teach children to stop and think about the world around them. They need to take time out of their day and learn something new and different.
Author John Fisher is an avid fan of trivia questions, and enjoys games and activities including movie trivia.