Lovely Shipping Container Homes

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Unloading a shipping container with household contents -a (Photo credit: booledozer)

The one-way shipping of goods and products within shipping containers has facilitated a surge of interest in creating lovely shipping container homes. Global awareness of waste has now created the platform for businesses that want to provide student housing, hotels and office buildings and even emergency shelters from shipping containers.

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However, individuals that are considering the idea of a container home will be pleased to know that they have plenty of home design options, including creating a one or two story container home. Moreover, design choices for container homes can be made to fit small home designs as well as larger home designs. Just like traditional homes, the design possibilities for container homes are endless.

Advantages of the Container Home

There are several advantages to acquiring a shipping container home. Not only can they help meet a potential homeowner’s budget for acquiring housing, but they can also meet all of the creature-comforts of home ownership.

1. One of the best advantages of shipping containers homes is that they can be outfitted with wheels to create a mobile unit that is not required to have a permit by most municipalities. They can be designed to fit any lifestyle, but they can be moved to any location.

2. This shipping container home can also be created with the spaciousness of a traditional home, where permits will be necessary to acquire.

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Construction offices made of shipping containers.

3. Many companies

are now creating shipping containers with outfitted service connections that are ready upon arrival, including bathroom connections, electricity connections and water utility connections.

4. A Green Living option in homeownership is a must-have for many planet conscious citizens. Obtaining a container home will satisfy this option, because this type of home is considered to be a good way to recycle materials within the environment.

5. Construction waste materials are kept to a minimum, and are usually non-existing during the set up process of a container home. Although shipping cost will apply, this keeps construction time and cost down for the homeowners.

Shipping Container Homes and Aesthetics

Some potential homeowners are worried about the aesthetics of their shipping container home. Contrary to many beliefs, the shipping container can be outfitted with materials such as bamboo, glass and other materials on the interior and exterior to create an aesthetically pleasing home. They can also be outfitted with traditional shelving and storage options, traditional walls and painted interiors and exterior. Having a container as a home can mean having glass walls and funky look of it on the outside. It will deffinitely be very unique and it leaves a lot of freedom for you to easily change its colour.


Home Functionality and Shipping Containers

The cost of obtaining a shipping container is considerably less than traditional home ownership, especially because they can be outfitted with one, two or three bedrooms. Furthermore, homeowners will have the option to add more comforts such as roof-top decks, additional living room space and rain water catchment systems.