4 Best Popular Beers in the World

Everyone loves an ice-cold beer after a hard day’s work. Heck, everyone loves an ice-cold beer at just about any time, except maybe in the morning. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.
Everyone also has their own favorite micro brews that they rave on and on about, but nobody ever has a clue what they’re talking about, because micro brews are regional specific. While there are some unbelievable micro brews out there that are most likely better than the popular brands, I’m going to list the most popular beers solely because people will know them.
Rather than bore you with details, let’s get on with this already. Below you’ll find five of the best popular beers in the world, listed in no particular order.
1. Heineken
Brewed in Holland, this is one of the best beers for one good reason: It has an original and delicious taste. With 5 percent alcohol as well, you have a beer that is average in strength but not in flavor and overall quality. If you have never had a Heineken before, you’re either living in the middle of the woods in a cabin or a crazy recluse that hasn’t been in society for the past 30 years. 

2. Blue MoonOne of my personal favorites, and you can find Blue Moon in a variety of flavors depending on the time of year. Its headliner is a Belgian White beer, which has a nice citrus flavor to it, and you’ll often have bartenders place orange slices into your beverage as well to compliment this attribute. What’s funny is that Blue Moon is brewed in Golden, Colorado, so Belgian White slapped on the front of their main brew often coaxes people into thinking they’re drinking a super cool imported beer.


3. Stella ArtoisWhile Blue Moon isn’t actually brewed in Belgium but people think it is, this one is seriously brewed there. With a bit of a bitter taste but smooth in the end, Stella is one of the more “classy” beers you can buy. Perhaps it has more to do with marketing than anything, but more often than not, you see Stella in a fancy glass with an expensive price slapped on it. But even so, you can’t argue that this beer is not delicious, because it certainly tastes like a million bucks.

4. NewcastleIts Brown Ale is its most popular brew, and all of the Newcastle beverages are produced by Heineken. Man, so Heineken produces two amazing beer brands? Super cool, you guys. Unlike original Heineken brews, the Newcastle beers are a bit darker and tend to have a more malty flavor to them, but they’re still at the head of the pack!
There are plenty of amazing beers out there, but you’d be hard pressed to find better beers than these. When the time strikes your fancy, head out to the store and pick up a six-pack. Or two. Or three. Remember to call out sick to work, though.
About the author:
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