Wedding Unique Gift Ideas for groom and bride

The holiday season is finally, completely, over.

We now enter the season of summer, when there are no major holidays that require an abundance of gift giving. Sure, we make some brownies or deviled eggs for Independence Day, but until the fall rolls back around, we’re out of luck for getting gifts.
Unless you’ve got a wedding coming up.
The summer is notoriously named wedding season for a reason. It’s the time of year when bright-eyed young couples decide to call their distant family together for one big open bar and a bit of dancing.
Everyone brings a gift, and hopefully not the same one.
Of course, you could do the registry. Toasters are useful for newlyweds, after all. Or you could get something unique.
Here’s a list of truly exciting wedding gifts that will actually surprise those two lovebirds:
• A vacation. Better yet, add something on to a vacation they’re already taking. If the new couple is traveling to a tropical destination, those trips often come with additional activities they can add on to their plan.
  • Wouldn’t they be surprised to get to Fiji or Cancun and find an aromatherapy masseuse waiting for them when they arrive to their hotel suite? Or maybe they’ll find a set of snorkeling gear on their bed for their mid-day underwater adventure. The list is only as short as your imagination, so go ahead, splurge a bit and get them a horseback ride on the beach, or a candelit dinner for two with a violinist or ukulele player in the background.
Shaving supplies. It’s a far cry from a gondola ride down a romantic moonlit river, but it’s no less classy. Straight razors are the perfect masculine gift for a groom, and scented body washes are a perfect feminine gift for a bride. Especially if they have that beautiful vacation planned, they’ll want something that keeps them smooth and silky after a sandy day on the beach.
• Use your own skills. If you’re an expert hobbyist—as in, a quilter, carpenter, or metallurgist—you can build your own gift. A hand-quilted blanket, customized spice rack or intricate key chain is the perfect personalized gift. It says more than “this is what I can afford.” It says, “You can always count on me to make your gift from here on out.”
These are just a few gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of your loved ones. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day—making a memory.