Pool Aerators: Find Out Why Your Pool Needs One

With summer around the corner, homeowners know that they need to start preparing their pool for family and friends to swim in. This includes filling it up with water, cleaning it, checking various parts such as the filter, and possibly adding a pool aerator. In this article, you will find information about the pool aerator process, what it can do for your pool, as well as details on installing it.


The Process of Aeration

So, you want to know more about a pool aerator and how it functions. The aeration process in water works very similar in pools, fish tanks, and hot tubs Oklahoma City homeowners may have.

  Aeration is basically the process of introducing air to the water. In some cases you might have noticed an aerator connected at the end of your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, or even in your shower head. For faucets like these, having an attached aerator will help you conserve practically half of your normal water usage. These devices are able to change the single flow of water into various smaller flows of water, which in turn introduces air into the water. This reduces water flow but doesn't affect the water pressure.

The Benefits of a Pool Aerator in Your Pool

So, what are the benefits of a pool aerator for the swimming pools many homeowners have? One of the benefits is that a pool aerator will help keep the pool water cool. This way even when it is hot out, the pool will have a comfortable temperature for swimmers to enjoy. The aerator sprays and exposes the pool to the air, allowing it to stay cool.

Another benefit offered is that a pool aerator stops stagnation in the water. When the water is stagnant, unwanted things such as algae can develop. Knowing that algae can grow in pools homeowners want to prevent that from happening. Part of maintaining swimming pools is keeping algae out.

Types of Pool Aerators

A number of pool aerators are available. There are some that offer a great appearance, while others offer fun. For instance a water fountain aerator can be an attractive addition to your pool. These are available in a range of sizes with different features and levels.

However, aside from having an attractive pool aerator, you can have one that offers excitement. A lot of pool aerators are built for use as water cannons. This is ideal if you have children in your home.

Step 1 - Pool Aerator Installation

The initial step for the installation of a pool aerator is to switch off all pool equipment. Next you will have to unscrew the jet hand along with other gadgets covering the return line of the pool. 

Step 2 - Pool Aerator Installation

The second step for installation is to screw in the aerator into the pool's return line. Don't tighten it too much, but ensure that it is screwed firmly.

Step 3 - Pool Aerator Installation

The last step is to switch on your pool equipment to test it out. Feel free to adjust the aerator to the level you prefer. For the best possible results, keep your aerator switched on constantly. For other questions or concerns, seek help from a pool installation specialist.