5 Things to Take into Account When Buying a Heater for Your House

When buying something for the first time or buying a replacement, there are things that need to be considered. No one wants to end up with something that they can't use, or something that breaks down too soon. When buying a heater, there are different things to consider. It is essential that proper research and homework is done prior shopping. The most important thing to consider is exactly where is the heater required? Is it for one or two rooms or a whole central heating unit is required?

Once this is decided, the five things to consider are:


Electric or Gas Heater

Once it has been decided where the heater is needed, it is time to decide if an electric heater will be better or a gas heater. When buying a large space heater, it is best to buy an electric space heater. This is the only heater that can be operated inside a room without a vent. Gas heaters are more convenient as a central heating unit and more economical.

Heater Type

The next thing to consider is the type of heater. When buying a gas heater, it is important to consider the type of fuel that is to be used. The choices are limited between liquid propane and natural gas. Liquid propane is more useful when there is not natural gas line present. For electric heaters, there are again different types;

Space heaters

Radiative heaters or Convection heaters. Convection heaters pump hot air in the room and are grouped under Space heaters. Radiative heaters warm the objects near by and are best suited for small spaces.

Heating Capacity

Once it has been decided on what type of a heater is required, it is important to check the heating capacity of the heater. There is no general rule of thumb to decide which heater would be best suited for a room. This depends on the size of the room and the environment one lives in (below freezing or not).

Energy Efficiency

Using heaters excessively and continuously can increase electric or gas bills. To avoid a substantial increase in the bill during winters, it is best to check the efficiency and do a cost to consumption analysis. This can help determine how much heat can be used without having to pay a large bill.

Safety Features

Monitoring heaters and giving them proper maintenance is very important. Without these, the heater can start a fire. When buying a heater, make sure that it has a cool to touch surface. This will reduce the chances of burns that can be caused by heated surfaces. Besides, it will be safe if children accidently go near it. Like most electrical appliances, electric heaters also produce noise.

Try buying a non-fan based heaters for bedrooms and offices to minimize noise. Allan has been reviewing and blogging about home appliances including washine machine, electric heaters and air conditioner. Allan has published blog posts in several shopping sites.