How to Get a Stronger Immune System

Immune SystemOne of the prerequisites of a healthy body is a strong immune system. Having a weak resistance to diseases is not very good. Getting ill regularly can make you miss a lot of important things especially if you are a working individual or are still going to school. Thankfully, there are many ways for one to strengthen his immune system. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Physical Activity

You need to move around a lot if you want your immune system to be strengthened. Regular exercise helps a lot of our bodily functions especially circulation. With cleaner and more blood in our veins, our immune system becomes stronger than ever. If you can afford, by all means, consult a trainer or dietician to help aid you in your endeavor.

Eat right

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are very important if one wants to strengthen his immune system. These things can be easily obtain from supplements but it is better to get them from fresh food too. Some of these include fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and whole grains. Green leafy vegetables, in particular, serve to increase the alkaline pH of our body and also contain important minerals like calcium and magnesium. It is also advised to take in raw foods because they contain anti-oxidants that also aid the immune system.

Don’t get stressed

Stress is a key factor in tearing apart a person’s health. One of its effects is the production of toxins in the body. Toxins are harmful substances which reside and are produced in the body. Although our body has mechanisms in place to combat toxins, it is better to not produce these at all.

If you are easily stressed, it helps to take time for deep breathing. This helps relax the mind as well as the heart. Whenever possible, try to bring along something that will distract you from your stress. You can always play on your phone, chat with a friend or go shopping to take your mind of things.

Drink enough liquids

The heading mentions liquids because water is fine and all but there are also other liquids that can help. A good example is juice. Juice is processed quickly by the body and contains Vitamin C which helps strengthen the immune system. Whatever liquid you choose, it is important to drink enough of it daily so that the digestive tract is cleaned regularly. This helps flush out any toxins that may reside in our body.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is no use fortifying the immune system if we are just going to tear it up with our vices. Smoking and drinking are the top two problems plaguing citizens these days.

Smoking is the bigger problem among these two. It hurts us way quicker than drinking. It kills a lot of antibodies which are the first line of defense we have. It also kills our lungs which decreases the efficiency of our respiration. This can have a lasting effect on the body due to lesser amounts of clean air being taken in.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from online fitness and health site and steam sauna and shower retailers