Activites That Will Make Your Adrenaline Jump Into High Gear

When your adrenaline jumps into high gear it is often called an adrenaline rush. Your heart beats harder and your blood pressure rises. It causes a burst of energy which gives you an extremely intense feeling. During an adrenaline rush all of your senses are heightened.

Your Adrenaline Jump

Some love that feeling, and there are many situations that can cause the feeling, some of which are sports, also known as extreme sports, and some hobbies.

Bungee jumping is one activity that will surely get your adrenaline jumping, especially if you have a fear of heights. Standing on the edge of a very high structure, while attached to a large elastic cord and looking down at what's below, in itself, is enough to make your adrenaline run high. Then the leap from the object, the fast-moving free fall, and the recoiling up and down really brings the adrenaline flow to a top level.

Sometimes known as the death slide, ziplining is something that is certain to cause your adrenaline to rise. While holding onto a free moving pulley that is attached to an inclined, suspended cable, you speed from the top to the bottom, with the help of gravity. Whether ziplining indoors or outdoors, you will still experience the sensation of openly flying through the air, and the extreme rush of adrenaline.

Ice climbing is similar to mountain climbing, only it is done on a slipperier, colder, and more treacherous surface. Ice climbing entails ascending inclined ice formations such as frozen waterfalls, and cliffs that are covered with ice. The thrill and danger of this exhilarating sport is one that will cause an abundance of adrenaline.

White water rafting is a heart-pounding experience that will have your adrenaline flowing as fast as the rough water that is moving and bobbing your raft down the river. There is danger and excitement around every rock, rapid and bend.


Full of jumps, tricks, stunts, flips, and high-adrenaline is freestyle motocross. Freestyle motocross riders are sometimes called daredevils. They perform high-air, death-defying stunts. The sensational jumps performed on dirt bikes in mid-air cause suspense, danger, entertainment, and quite a bit of adrenaline, even for the audience that may be watching.

A sport that may seem more subtle than the other activities mentioned above, that can also cause your adrenaline to jump, is horse racing. Horse racing is known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” Excitement is experienced by the jockeys, horse owners, as well as the spectators. This excitement causes adrenaline to increase, especially if you have chosen a horse that you would like to win the race, as this will cause even more excitement, along with suspense and anticipation. The rush of adrenaline will increase even more as the end of the race draws closer, and you are rooting for the horse that you chose to get out in front of the pack, and make you a winner.