Great Destinations in amazing Quebec

Just because Quebec is cold in the winter doesn't mean it isn't a popular destination for tourists who love winter sports. With fabulous ice sculptures, sleigh rides, fishing contests and winter games, the winter festivals continue to be a favorite of both the residents and those who choose to vacation here.
Quebec is an amazing city to visit because of its location on the St. Lawrence River. Surrounded by peaceful hills and rivers, this city offers many types of outdoor activities, including water sports, summer and winter festivals of all kinds and fantastic military and art museums.
Quebec is home to just over 500,000 people and the temperature often falls below 0 degrees in the winter months. All laid out on a beautiful bed of snow, warmly dressed visitors and residents venture outside to attend a winter festival. With the Ice Tower majestically overlooking the winter festival and great ice sculptures, slide runs, ice fishing contests and other sporting events, Quebecs winter festivities are known for their beauty, artistic ingenuity and a day of fun. Artists from Quebec spend their winter months designing unique sculptures and displaying them for the world to see.

Ice Sculpture 1


Visitors must take time to visit the Ice Hotel located in Duchesnay. This fascinating building is known for its beautiful ice sculptures too. This building is unique in its own way with creativity as it main focal point. The Muse du Fort is a piece of Canadian history and those who love military history must take time to take a tour. The nearby abandoned prison has been open to the public since 1981 and the Chateau Frontenac, an original castle from earlier centuries is also open to the public.

Quebec City

While in Quebec take a stroll down Treasury Road. Various local artists have their works of art on display plus there are other interesting works of art displayed there too. Mounted on fence posts and buildings, Treasury Road is a pure pleasure to see. The Quebec Art Museum is also another wonderful place to visit, especially on a cold winters day. With pieces of art nearly as old as the city itself, visitors enjoy touring and viewing artwork of all kinds. Another day of outdoor fun takes place on the Rivere-Rouge. It is well known for its water sports. Boating, white water rafting and fishing are very popular with the sports minded residents and tourists. Enjoy an annual Quebec summer carnival to listen to a variety of music performed by musicians, both young and old. With music from all different countries, games, food and prizes, summer carnivals and festivals are very popular in Quebec. Visitors and residents alike never have a dull moment with a whirlwind of activity taking place all times of the year.

Because Quebec is rich in history and cultural diversity, people worldwide make sure to visit often. There's so much to do and see in Quebec that it holds a place of interest and wonderful memories that last a lifetime. With deep respect for the land, Quebec is both environmentally healthy and environmentally conscious. Its fresh clean air and beauty are to be held in deep respect by all who vacation here. For a fun filled vacation be sure to visit the beautiful city of Quebec and take part in all types of activities that are scheduled both day and night.
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