Electronics Devices Continue to Grow, is there any Risk Inherent?

We all like convenience and quick options when it comes to business and personal life. This is one of the main reasons why technology has advanced so far, and it is still advancing. Our continuous lust for advancement has led us to a point where we cannot survive without personal electronic devices. Cable internet providers all over the world have seen a drastic rise in internet users over the past five years.
However, with such advancements there are inherent risks we tend to ignore.

What is a Personal Electronic Device?

The first few gadgets that come to mind when personal electronic devices are mentioned are mobile phones, iPhones and laptops.
These electronics have become the basic need of modern life. Without them you can’t succeed in any walk of life. Not just adults, but even children nowadays live a life dependent on electronics. They need it for homework and projects at school. They want to keep in touch with their friends throughout the day or during vacations. In fact, without access to the internet through these devices they can cause parents and guardians to go insane with their tantrums.
Adults mostly need personal electronics for business and social media. Today, even businesses rely on social media for success. Every adult walks around staying connected to the internet 24/7 for several reasons. This means that you want to have the most reliable cable internet providers to subscribe with. However, with all the access to internet, you are subjecting your kids and yourself to the following hazards:
· Monitor Position: We neglect the importance of positioning the monitor correctly. Sometimes it is either too high or too low. This affects the user’s neck and back posture. In children this leads to permanent bad posture. Besides, it must be at a particular distance from the eyes to prevent harmful electromagnetic rays from affecting vision. If the monitor is tilted or has dual screens, it can also affect the eye sight.
· Monitor Type: There are some monitors that flicker at the edges. This can weaken the muscles of the eyes because the eye keeps adjusting to the flicker.
· Keyboard and Mouse Position: If these are placed too high, too low, too far or too close, it affects the spine and back of the user. People end up experiencing backache and shoulder pain too frequently if the position is not right. Especially if your job description entails long hours of work on the computer.
· Keyboard and Mouse Type: Although we all want to look stylish with the gadgets we use, sometimes this is a bad idea. If the shape and size of the mouse is not good enough, then we work with inconvenience. This affects the posture of the arms and can also affect our fingers. For instance, if the keypad or mouse of the iPhone is too small, you will have to work with inconvenience.
· Less Physical Movement: It is known as a fact that in recent times, we move way less than people used to a hundred years ago. Now we have access to the whole world through computers and internet. We don’t even have to attend social gatherings anymore because we have virtual social gatherings online. We can place an order and receive ready-made food without going grocery shopping or cooking. This impacts general health and leads to severe health problems in kids and adults alike.
· Less Awareness with Surrounding: Personal electronic devices come with headphones. These cause reduced awareness of one’s surrounding. We often see it happen, people cross roads with plugged ears or drive while in a call. This leads to accidents and sudden deaths. The ratio of deaths due to electronic devices has also increased over the past decade.
· More Stress and Fatigue: In recent times the number of stress and fatigue cases reporting at hospitals has increased. This is because people spend endless hours in one position. They are constantly exerting their brain and body through online activities.
· Fraud and Hacking: Through personal electronic devices, crimes like identity theft, theft of sensitive business data, credit card theft and hacking have become too rampant.
Therefore, while personal electronic devices and cable internet providers have several benefits, these risks warrant their limited use.
About the Author:
The above article is written by BD, who is a freelance writer from broadband expert group. She writes articles related to technology and applications for various sites and communities. Her latest work can be checked here: the satellite TV page on Broadband Expert