What you need to know about a TJI Span Table

More than skill is needed in constructing one of the new houses for sale. You will need knowledge of the specifications that are recommended on building materials. Important knowledge like use of a TJI span table, local ordinances and regulations are not commonly known to many home owners.

This is why it is important to find an experienced building professional for your house.  If you employ a person with limited knowledge and experience of things like a TJI span table, there is a good chance that your house will not be constructed properly and structurally sound.


Many people don't know what a TJI span table is, so here is some general information about it. By asking people that use it regularly, you can certainly find out more information. With this basic information about finding a knowledgeable and trusted new home builder.

What is a TJI span table?

When one hears someone mention a TJI span table, to most people, it can sound like a different language. However, it is not something foreign, but a table that's very useful in helping people install roofs and flooring.

Trus Joint is a company that created a brand new wooden i-joist over 35 years ago. Since then, the quality of their joints have been improved and now they are easier to install.  Many flooring and roofing installers have relied on these for their consistency and strength when building homes for sale. Whith their innovative design, these type of joists can resist warping, twisting and shrinking during the home's life. Understanding how a TJI span table is used properly is important for home builders to know.

Overview of a TJI span table

Knowing the specifics of a TJI span table is something that home builders should know. It is also a good idea for do-it-yourself builders and home owners to have some general knowledge about it.

In working with a TJI span table, precise calculations will be required. Luckily, there is software available for Trus Joint that can give roofers a good starting point. As some experts have pointed out, there may be a difference between the final specs and those generated by the software, so it really should be used only as a jumping off point.

How to use a TJI span table

Builders can use a TJI span table for many things like: choosing the TJI joist depth, identifying load conditions (both live and dead), for choosing on-center spacing, or to scale down a column. Also important is determining the correct live load deflection criteria.

Choosing a Qualified House Builder

As previously discussed, it is important to locate builders who know the use of things like a TJI span table. By asking friends and neighbors for referrals, they will be able to tell you the pros and cons of a specific builder, firsthand.  You can also contact or check the website of the Better Business Bureau. Though they may not be able to recommend a specific builder, you can check on which builders have had complaints filed against them.

About the Author Greg works with French Construction Company--a premier builder of the many new homes for sale in Edmond OK.