Air Conditioner Vs Fans: Things to Consider

Summer months seem to be getting hotter every passing year. Several states are reporting consistent rise in temperatures during summer months. It is thus important to have a way to cool your home during the sweltering heat. The heat does not only cause discomfort. Intense heat can cause heat stroke and death, too, in the worst scenario.

However, when you think about ways to cool your home, comfort is not the only factor to consider. During intense heat, air conditioning becomes highly expensive. Fans cost a lot less, but cannot be compared to air conditioners in terms of comfort. Let us have a look at the salient points that the old debate air conditioner vs fans brings to fore.

Air Conditioner vs Fans: Cost

Apart from the huge disparity between the upfront costs, air conditioning will also burn a hole in your pocket by way of your electricity bill. The most expensive component in your utility bill during the summer months is the air conditioning expense. The cost can in no way be compared by the cost incurred by fans.

Air Conditioner vs Fans: Energy Use

The reason for this huge difference in cost is that air conditioners consume a much greater amount of energy than fans do. A central air conditioner, for instance, can use up many thousand watts. In comparison, a fan will only need 15 watts of power to run. So, it is apparent why the mere thought of the electricity bill sends a shiver down your spine if you have a central air conditioning system installed.

Air Conditioners vs Fans: Respiration Issue

Many people tend to ignore this point. But if you have an asthmatic person in house, you must pay heed to this. Poor quality air makes living miserable for an asthmatic person, especially during summer months. Fans may provide you comfort, but they can do nothing to improve the quality of air inside the house.

However, air conditioners filter the incoming air. The air in such a space will thus contain less dust and allergen elements and will be better for your respiratory health. This quality of the conditioners may make the extra cost they incur through electricity expenses worth spending.

Air Conditioners vs Fans: Maintenance

Maintenance is another factor that does not speak in favor of air conditioners. They are traditionally high maintenance and if an air conditioning system breaks down, you will have to spend a lump some by way of service charge.

Fans are always a better alternative on this count. The mechanism involved in a fan is nowhere as complex as one involved in a conditioner. Moreover, if a fan does not work, you do not need to get it repaired either. You can simply go and buy a new one for $25 and forget the issue.

Air Conditioners vs Fans: Summary

It ultimately depends on your own unique position and requirements whether you use a fan or an air conditioner. If the cost is the foremost concern in your mind, you should not think about the conditioners. However, if there is an asthmatic person in the house or someone who is allergic to dust, you may have to after all tolerate the cost incurred by an air conditioner.

About the Author Greg works with All Comfort Specialist— a trusted leader in Oklahoma City air conditioning repair. Greg enjoys writing about affordable home repair.