Professional Landscapers What Affects Ferris Mower Prices?

Ferris is one of the leading lawn mower manufacturers. Ferris manufacturers a variety of different types of lawn mowers: including the zero-turn and three-wheeler. The mowers are preferred by professional landscapers but are also useful by those trying to take care of two or more acres. Ferris mower prices vary depending on the type of mower and the advanced technology that goes into making that particular mower.

What Affects Ferris Mower Prices?


Zero-turn mowers are popular with professional landscapers. The patented suspension technology allows each wheel of the mower deck to move up and down independently to smooth out uneven patches of land. The mower deck works with the suspension to provide a more even cut. With an advanced suspension, there is little shock to the suspension which allows the operator to move the mower more comfortably and quicker. 

Along with the suspension the cutting system is also advanced. The sloped nose of the deck forces the blades of grass forward to lengthen the time it is in the chamber before the blades make contact.

There are a variety of attachments offered with zero-turn models including an arm rest, flat-free tires, grass catchers, light kit, mulch kit, seat insert, suspension seat, and a trailer hitch kit.

Ferris mower prices for zero-turn models range from $6,000 to $12,500.


There are two current Ferris walk-behind mowers- a dual hydrostatic and single hydrostatic model. The hydrostatic transmission system allows for improved performance and less maintenance. The models have unparalleled traction and stability due to its low, wide stance.  They also offer a variety of cutting widths ranging from 36 to 61 inches wide. The cruise control on the mower allows for independent steering and a multitude of handling options. To change the direction of the mower just hit the convenient hand controls.

The mowers can go up to 6 mph and mows an average of 3 acres per hour. The adjustable deck height allows you to cut grass ranging from 1.75 to 4.75 inches tall.

Ferris mower prices for zero-turn models range from $5,200 to $7,500.


The Ferris three-wheel riding mower is one of the most popular, and was the first commercial model ever produced by the company. The simple three-wheel design allows for ease of operation. To add to its simplicity, the mower features an improved height-of-cut control which allows you to adjust the cut height from 1.5 to 5 inches in one step. There is also an electric deck lift to raise the cutter when moving over uneven or hazardous turf. The three-wheel model is faster than the walk-behind going up to speeds of 8 mph, which allow it to cut up to 4 acres per hour.

In addition to mowing down turf, the three-wheel comes complete with a snow-blower attachment. The attachment is a two-stage 50 inch blower with electric cute rotation.

Ferris mower prices for zero-turn model cost about $9,000.

The most cost effective Ferris mower is the walk-behind for taking care of 1-2 acres. For serious commercial use, invest in one of the zero-turn models.

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