Who are the Reasons For A Musty Smell In House

Most people have smelled rotten smells in their homes at one time or another. The musty smell may be caused by several things that can often be taken care of without much trouble. This is some of the reasons that you may smell bad odors lingering in your home.

1. Leaky Pipes

If water is leaking from a drainpipe, it may not seem like it is hurting anything but if there is dampness there could be mold and mildew starting. When it grows, it will put off a musty smell around the house that can eventually move to other parts of the home if something is not done to correct this problem.

2. Dusty Furniture

Musty smells may also come from having dusty furniture. Mold is known to grow in dry as well as wet areas. It can spread to dusty areas in the home. Mold may be trapped in with the dust giving it a bad smell. You need to check all the areas in the home to make sure that you have dusted properly to prevent this from happening.

3. Warm Areas of the Home

Fungi are easily adaptable and have been known to survive in many types of environments. Hot areas are especially well known for fungi problems. Different types of fungi thrive in the hottest parts of your home. So the attic area should be carefully checked for this problem because it is always hot. Once it has set into the attic, it can spread around to other areas of the house.

4. Dirty Bathrooms

If you leave damp washcloths, laying around in your bathroom it will soon produce a musty smell all over the house. Bathrooms produce many types of mold and mildew because of water and moisture combining with warm temperatures in this area. Mold and mildew can hide in areas that are not easily seen such as pipe drains and areas around the tub.

5. Wall Deterioration

Musty smells all around your home may be because of wall deterioration occurring. Wood can deteriorate in your walls and breeds mold and mildew. If left alone it can affect the structure of a home by weakening it.

6. Mold in Carpets and Rugs

Mold can start very easily in the fibers of a carpet or rug. They can start smelling musty in no time at all and leave a bad odor around the house. It can be hard to eliminate the fungi once it spreads throughout your carpets and rugs.

Do not Despair

If you have the problem of musty smells in your house try not to worry because there are ways that you can take care of this problem. There are several simple remedies that you can come up with to take away all your musty smells in your home. You can use household cleaners that are made to eliminate these problems. Try and keep you house as clean as possible at all times so that your home is free of musty odors lingering around.

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