The Importance of Furnace Pressure Switch Cleaning

A furnace pressure switch is an important component on a furnace. There are many stories about exploding furnaces, and exploding furnaces are sometimes depicted in movies and television shows.

Every furnace is built with a pressure switch. It is responsible for keeping them from exploding. Anybody who has a furnace should make sure their pressure switch is working right. Doing this requires a person to have knowledge about how it works. If a person understands how it works, they can stop problems before they happen. If a person properly maintains their furnace, they will not have a problem with their pressure switch, and they will keep their furnace in full working condition.

The Importance Of The Furnace Pressure Switch

The furnace pressure switch observes pressure levels in the different parts of a furnace. In general, furnaces have multiple pressure switches to observe pressure levels in each part of a furnace. There is a pressure switch for air circulation, located around the combustion and circulation fan area. This pressure switch is used to make sure a continuous fresh air stream moves smoothly to the combustion chamber after it passes the air intake. The fresh air circulation inside of furnaces is used to make sure the heat exchanger does not get hot. It is also used to make sure poisonous gasses go out through the chimney flue.

All furnaces have a pressure switch for air circulation. Some furnaces have additional switches depending on the make and model of the furnace being used. If a person has a furnace which they also use for a water heater, it is common for the furnace to also have a pressure switch for water. The switch is used to watch the level of water inside of the heater. If a person has a gas or oil operating furnace, they will have a pressure switch for fuel inside of their furnace. This pressure switch will watch the spray nozzle and fuel pump inside of the furnace. This switch makes sure oil and gas furnaces completely push fuel through the nozzle. Leftover fuel residue can lead to a furnace explosion.

How To Clean A Fuel Pressure Switch

A person should regularly clean their fuel pressure switch, especially if they use a fuel operating furnace. Dirty pressure causes switches to stick. When this happens, a furnace can become stuck in one operating position. It is common for people who have furnaces they believe to be broke, to have them fixed by a simple fuel pressure switch cleaning. If a person does not know about the mechanics of a furnace, cleaning the fuel pressure switch can be difficult for them.

The first thing a person should do when they want to clean their pressure switch is remove all power from it. This includes electricity and gas. The gas valve should be completely turned off, and the electricity should be turned off on a circuit breaker. Take off the cover for the furnace, to see the furnace pressure switch. Two screws are normally used to hook it onto a furnace. Condensed air, a toothbrush, or a delicate cloth is sufficient to clean the switch. Once the switch and the area surrounding the switch are clean, put the furnace back together.

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