How To Replace A Window Sill Easy steps

Window sill is one of the areas of your house, which is affected by weather. If it warps or starts to rot, you should know how to replace a window sill. The process is quite simple and even a newbie DIY enthusiast can successfully accomplish this project. However, you have to be thorough and careful, so that you do not have to replace the sill soon afterwards.

First Step

In step one of how to replace a window sill, you need to assemble all the materials for the job. In most cases you will need a prying bar, marking pencil, and piece of wood measuring two feet by six feet. If you are not sure about what type of wood to use, take the advice of your local lumber or hardware store. Other equipment that you will require is a hammer and table saw. Additionally, you will require sealants and fasteners like caulk and galvanized screws.

Second Step

The next procedure in how to replace a window sill involves detaching the window pane and the inner part of the window. This has to be done very carefully and from the inside. Making a mistake here, could result in breaking the glass, or damaging something else.

Third Step

In this step of how to replace a window sill, you will be removing the damaged sill. This has to be done outside, using the prying bar. Try to keep the old sill intact, as you might want to take its measurement afterwards. Hence, pry it out very carefully.

Fourth Step

The next step of how to replace a window sill, is all about taking proper measurements. A good amount of time can be saved, if you were successful in carefully removing the old sill in a single piece. By placing the old sill on the new wooden piece, you can simply mark off the measurements. To make sure, again measure the markings on the new wooden piece, and see if it fits your window.

Fifth Step

Start cutting the wood only after double-checking the measurements. The wood should be clamped or held firmly in place while you are using your handsaw. Carelessness in this step can result in injury or damage to the wood.

Sixth Step

Once your new piece of window sill is ready, you will need to fit it in place, by sliding it into the frame of the window. Now, start hammering the nails into the sill's edge so that they penetrate into the frame. Use caulk for filling any leaks or gaps that are visible. Be quite through while doing this, as water can easily seep in through gaps in the wood, and cause damage or warping.

When you have carefully followed these steps on how to replace a window sill, and done a good job, then your work should last for many years. However, if the window sill is not cut according to proper measurement or the sealing is improper, then it will not last long, and you have to replace it again. Throughout the procedure take basic safety measures, and if you find the job too difficult, hire an experienced professional.

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