Painting With Oil-Based Paint Over Latex

One cheap and creative way of sprucing up an exterior or interior wall or piece of furniture is to try and paint it. Before you decide to apply oil based paints over latex, however, you need to think of the look you are going for. Oil paint is usually solvent-based and therefore will give the object a much warmer look. It works quite well for antique pieces as well. Sometimes it can be a challenge when you want to use oil based paint over latex.

Often, homeowners choose latex based paints because they happen to be more economical and also have a high gloss finish that will appeal to a huge range of different tastes. Such paints are much easier to clean than with oil based ones. All you need is a bit of soap and some water, and latex paint can look as fresh as always. There is little durability when it is compared to oil, however. For patio furniture this can be a big problem, especially since it is usually left outside most of the time. Humidity and the elements can take their toll. Do not be afraid to change the paint if your piece already has latex paint. If you want a warmer look, then start using oil based ones instead. Oil-based paint over the latex variety will not mix that much, however. It will usually peel when it has dried. This can work, however, as long as you know how to prepare.

You need to get 150-grit sandpaper, two paint brushes, a damp cloth and a trough for the paint.

Step One

Sand down any of the latex paint with the sandpaper. This will give you a rough surface and help with the adhesion of your oil paint.

Step Two

Make sure to wipe the surface of your furniture with the damp cloth. This will remove the dirt.

Step Three

Put the oil-based primer over your latex paint with a brush, and let it dry thoroughly for at least twenty-four hours. The softness is going to make the harder oil paint crack when it is dry if there is no primer.

Step Four

Apply the paint over the latex and its dried primer by using a brush. The strokes you use should be long and even.

A Few Tips

you should soak a clean rag with some denatured alcohol and then rub the surface. When the paint softens, it will indicate a latex-based variety.

When you decide to apply oil paint, you should choose a dry day if you are working outside. Moisture is usually going to keep the oil paint from drying.

You should paint a small section after the primer has dried before painting everything fully. Let the section dry totally. After, you can decide whether the decor is good or not before you decide to paint everything.

Wear a mask if you are sensitive to any of the chemicals. When you are painting, it is often best that you try to work in an area that is well-ventilated as well. This will prevent you from breathing in any of the harmful chemicals that could be in the air.

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