How To Measure Windows: A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to replace your windows yourself, it is essential that you know how to measure windows . The simple instructions below will help you properly measure your windows.

How to Measure Windows: Wooden Windows

1.Start with the width of the frame when you are measuring wooden windows.

2.Locate the jambs (the two vertical portions of the wooden frame) on the window.

3. Use a measuring tape to measure the width between the window jambs at the top, middle, and bottom of the wooden frame. Make sure you actually measure between the window jambs and not measure between the painting strips or trims of your windows.

4. You will know the width for your new windows by finding the smallest of the tree measurements and minus that measurement with 1/4 inch.

5. Measure from the highest point of the wooden window sill to the top of opening of the window to find the correct height for your new window.

6. Once again, make three measurements: right, middle, and left.

7. The smallest measurement of these three measurements minus 1/4 inch will give you the height for your replacement window.

8. To find the depth of a window frame measure the distance between the two strips of the jamb that are inside.

It is important to remember that you will need at least 3 1/4 inches of space between the outside blind strip and inside window. This will allow for the width of the new window.

How to Measure Windows: Aluminum Windows and Other Windows

These instructions will explain how to measure aluminum windows (single-paned) or windows made from other materials. The steps to measure aluminum windows are almost the same as the steps to measure wooden windows, but the instructions for measuring aluminum windows have one important different step.

1. Remove the screen and open your window.

2. Locate the flanges (the vertical, metal portions that are on either side of the frame) and find the flange that sticks out the furthest.

3. After you complete this, the rest of the measuring procedure is just like how you measure wooden window. Measure from the flange that sticks out the furthest to the matching flange on the window's opposite side. This will give you the measurement for the clear opening you will have once you take away all the panels.

4. Make three measurements between the bottom, middle, and top of your window.

5. Take the narrowest measurement and minus it with 1/4 inch. This will give you the width.

6. To find the height of the window, measure from the edge of the flange that is out the furthest to the matching flange on the opposite side.

7. Remember to subtract 1/4 inch from the smallest measurement.

Aluminum frames are typically a good deal easier to standardize than wooden window frames. Also, you do not have to measure the depth of aluminum frames, because of the way they are designed.

It is important to double-check your measurements and write them down. Once you have it written down you can ask a sales associate at a hardware store to help you find the ideal window frames that have the correct dimensions.

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