Liven Up Your Kitchen Sink in Six Simple Steps for a Real Home Feel

A warm inviting kitchen is the heart of your home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sit easily on one’s wallet to rework your entire kitchen. One place that needs attention and is oft forgotten or overlooked is the kitchen sink area. There are easy ways to liven it up and also make your kitchen a more efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing place. Little details do help in making your kitchen look fresher and also save remodeling bills.
Eye for color
Your jar of spices, chinaware, cookbooks and the like can all be used for decorative purposes as well. Put eye catching pieces on display and instead of dumping your dishcloth on the countertop, you can have a rail to hold it. You can match dishcloth colors to what you sport on your dining table or has some of your best china placed artistically on a shelf.
Let there be light
It’s no secret that lights affect the way a room looks. Pendant lights are available in different styles and in prices that are affordable to all. Besides, you get them in a variety of colors that can go with any décor or color.
Soapy secrets
Who would have thought that something as tiny as a soap dispenser could change the way your sink looks? Actually this just goes to show that even the tiniest detail matters when it goes to make the perfect home. For the more industrialized looks, the simpler versions are preferable while you can have more decorative ones for Victorian to contemporary feel kitchens.
Herbal delight
Most gardening magazines have long held that a window box is perfect to house your organic garden or herbs. Growing your own herbs is not only a matter of pride but will help give your food a delightful twist and also make your kitchen window a matter of envy. Some herbs have a tantalizing fragrance that will liven up your kitchen. Besides, watching them grow and fill your kitchen with pleasing shades of green has its own merits.
More than just a tap
Faucets and their finishing make a subtle difference to how your sink looks. Lever ones are more easy to use, spout headed ones serve the industrial look, brass finished faucets go well with the more Victorian kitchen. However, it’s what you feel comfortable with that really matters as comfort is what truly makes a home.
Window work
Drapes, blinds and the like affect how you view a window. Bamboo blinds are more in demand while drapes in soft fabrics are a universal favorite. Valances too can help bring in light as well as add to the décor. Choose something that is bright but also fits in with your kitchen’s atmosphere. Colors and patterns are available in plenty in the market. However, when going for a valance, try to pair it in color or pattern with some other kitchen accessory for a more complemented feel.
Indoor garden
Let flowers add some brightness near your sink. Even if you have a pile of dishes, a bunch of flowers in a simple glass bowl or jug can make a certain beauty light on even the most mundane of scenes.