Are you a Lover of Camping ? Enjoy Camping in Australia

Are you a lover of camping and want go for a get away in the Outback? When it comes to camping there as not too much that Australia does not have to offer in terms of camping. You may remember passing some of your days in a tent and going to get supplies form the camping stores. It does not matter where you go in Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland or New South Whales, there is something that will sell you a camping experience that you will never forget.

Passing the nights by camp fires in the Northern Territory

If you are thinking about a camping trip in Australia that will take you away from civilization and back to simpler times; a camping trip in the Northern Territory maybe the perfect get away for you. The Northern Territory spans over 500,000 miles and is one of Australia's biggest states.

There is a little bit of something for everyone in The Northern Territory. IF you want to go to the Outback and take a "Walk About", then you will be able to do it in the Northern Territory. There are as well many beaches and towns on the sea board that will allow you to enjoy a tropical climate and fun in the sun. There are plenty of places on the north shore for you to pinch a tent or park a caravan.

The camping and nature that Queensland has to offer

If you are thinking about a camping trip in Australia, Queensland has just as much to offer you as any other Australian state and maybe a bit more. It is home to 10 of the most populated cities in Australia and Brisbane, Australia's second largest city. This is something that should not effect your camping because it is the second largest state in Australia and has been nicknamed the "
Sunshine State
" for the great weather that you will find here year round. It is a perfect Australian state to take a camping get away and enjoy the outdoors.

If you are considering a camping trip that you can also take in some culture then Queensland will be the perfect place to do so. You may want to take a caravan and travel the coast in this beautiful Australian state and make a few stops on the way.

A New South Wales Camping Adventure

In Australia there is probably no better state to take a camping trip, than in New South Wales. It is the state that houses the capitol territory as well as home to Australia's largest city, Sydney. It is needless to say that here you will find no lack of things to do. You can enjoy the country side and nature on your camping trip and even take in some culture in such a globalized city as Sydney.

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