Vintage Inspired Houses a Nostalgic, Classic Look

A vintage home carries a nostalgic, classic look that can have a casual or high-end vibe. The overall ambiance of a vintage home is relaxed, and this is a look that many people want to create in their home. To create a truly vintage style in your space, the home itself must be updated with vintage-inspired design elements, and the interior décor must be updated as well. If this is a look that you want to bring into your home, consider taking a few key steps.

The Structural Design
As a first step, you should contact
builders Victoria about the structural design of your home. If you are building a new home from the ground up, your builder can assist with the installation of vintage-inspired design elements like wood flooring, vintage-style bathtubs and sinks, bead board and wainscoting and other similar features in the space. A builder can also assist in remodeling an existing home to give it a vintage vibe. You can research various design elements that you want to bring into your space through online research, and you can clip photos of design elements from magazines to create a portfolio of design ideas. Your builder can review your ideas with you, and he may suggest a few other ideas as well. Ultimately, your builder can walk you through the design process to bring your ideas to life.


The Interior Design
In some homes, there may be a single vintage-inspired bedroom, sunroom or other room. However, in most homes with this style, the style is carried from room to room to create a unified feel in the space. The use of antiques is common in a vintage-inspired home. This may include retro or antique furnishings, decorative features like vases and lamps and more. Other items may be new but may carry a vintage vibe. A vintage style is popular today, and several popular home décor brands carry a vintage line that you can take advantage of. A key element to consider is the use of color in your space. There are a wide range of colors that can be used in a vintage design, but some colors were more popular decades ago and may help you to more creative pull off a vintage look. For example, olive green can be used with a more modern blue or teal color and a rusty orange hue can be used with a brilliant red or yellow hue.

When completed, your vintage inspired home can be a gorgeous, stylish space that inspires rest and relaxation for all who spend time in it. Creating the ideal look in your space can take some time, and working with a builder and interior designer can prove to be helpful in your efforts.

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