Clean your home with a few tricks

Here we have prepared a few tricks for easy and effective cleaning.Unclog drains without preparationsIf the piping is not badly blocked, instead of detergent you can use a handful of baking soda, then pour half a cup of vinegar. Similarly, you can do weekly prophylaxis against clogging canals and odors. It replaces efficiently the commercial preparations.
Clean your home with a few tricks
Environmental and effective cleaning of windows.
Mix 1/3 cup white vinegar, ? cup of isopropyl alcohol and a liter of distilled water. With this mixture you can clean your windows. If the preparation still leaves traces and does not clean well, it is probably due to the wax build-up from the previous product that you have used. If this happens, replace isopropyl alcohol with teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Here are another good tips:
Instead of using the spray, wet the glass with sponge mop (sponge with handle) – when the windows are moistened thoroughly allow the solution to act for 5 minutes.
Do not clean windows in direct sunlight because the sun evaporates too fast the preparation, thus leaving stains.
Cleaning and disinfection of toilet
To clean the toilet in an environmentally friendly way, again you can use vinegar - pour a cup of white vinegar inside and sprinkle some of it sideways. Then sprinkle baking soda and wait 15 minutes, then clean with a brush the surface you have sprinkled with baking soda. Vinegar dissolves alkaline deposits from hard water. For additional disinfecting wipe the toilet bowl with a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
Cleaning the chopping board.
According to studies on the chopping board there can be found up to 200 times more bacteria than the toilet bowl. For cleaning a chopping board, wash it with dish soap first, and then spray the board with fresh 5% - vinegar and leave for the night.
Cleaning the kitchen floor
Experts say there is no need to disinfect the kitchen floor, unless you really do not have as constant movement around the room. Instead, clean the surface with a few homemade recipes:
Laminate flooring and hardwood flooring- solution of ? cup white vinegar and a liter of water, use cleaning towels, pure cotton (not microfiber, as it is made of polyester).
Marble, ceramic and granite flooring- Only use hot water, other cleaners will probably damage the material.
Linoleum - hot water with a little dish soap (if necessary).
Cleaning the carpet
Easy and safe cleaning of carpets is not a mirage. You can do it with baking soda - sprinkle the carpet with soda and blend it well, then allow it to act for 10 minutes and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Soda takes not only dirt but also odors. You can also use corn starch, it removes fat and dirt in depth.
A few more ideas.
Experts recommend keeping a box of borax (boric acid) for cleaning the stubborn dirt. However, be careful with the use and the storage because boric acid is toxic if ingested - so keep it away from children and pets (in a locked cabinet, along with other dangerous chemicals if you have any). Although it is safe, borax is a natural product and is a good alternative. Bleach and other aggressive chemicals are much more dangerous. Another good disinfectant is isopropyl alcohol (so called rubbing alcohol), which is highly flammable.
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