How to enjoy your Holiday in Greece on a budget

Many people decide to spend their holidays in Greece. The best thing is that you can enjoy your Holiday in Greece on a budget if you simply follow a few simple rules about transport, accommodation, shopping, eating and drinking. Below are tips for cheap vacation in Greece:

1. Transport

Travel is major expense you will have during your vacation in Greece, particularly air travel. Travelling to Greece by air can be cheap, fast and convenient. There are many charter flights arriving every day to Greece from many regions of the world. It is important to book your air ticket in advance to avoid last minute rush as ticket prices can be very high at this time and may can at times be twice or triple the normal price. You may consider traveling during December holiday as the tickets are cheap during this time. Moreover, it can be cheaper to fly to Greece via a large airport than through a small airport. When traveling fro one place to another while in Greece, it can be cheaper to travel using ferry boats, buses and taxis. Ferry boats present various levels of tickets, such as first class, second class and deck class, many 'aircraft seats' and various levels of cabin. The most economical class is deck whereby each deck has ample seating, coffee shops and some even swimming pools. If you plan to visit Greece in the peak season, that is mid-August, it's important to book your ferry ticket ahead of your arrival as tickets are expensive during this period. Greece has a very good and cheap public bus service. Furthermore, taxes in Greece charge fixed fares. Renting small cars can be cheap than big cars, jeeps, or four wheel drives.

2. Accommodation

Accommodation is the other major expense of your holiday in Greece. It is good to travel to Greece during the low season as accommodation is always cheaper, which is summer around May and June or September. Self-catering accommodation is frequently a perfect option for individuals who want to enjoy a holiday in Greece on a budget. There are ample rooms in Greece which has cheap but high standard facilities including en-suite bathrooms, balconies as well as washing lines to hang your clothes. Often, studio apartments have packed in and well-equipped kitchens which offer you the chance to prepare your own breakfast and light meals saving some dollars to spend on other things. Moreover, it is important to pre-book your accommodation before travelling to Greece for discounted prices. Also, don't forget to check for special early booking offers and all inclusive packages.

3. Shopping

If you want to enjoy your holiday in Greece on a budget, do your shopping at larger supermarkets as they offer great prices. Moreover, buy vegetables and fruit in markets or groceries which specialize in these foodstuffs as they are cheaper compared to supermarkets. If possible, consider buying local wine from the barrel can be cheaper compared to buying bottles. Moreover, consider buying toiletries, such as suntan cream as well as insect repellent in your home country and come with them as they are very expensive in Greece.

4. Eating and drinking

If you want to enjoy your holiday in Greece on a budget, look for hotels and cafes which are situated in the back streets as they are normally cheaper compared to those in seafront places. Hotels in Greece offer an excellent selection of starters as well as salads and main dishes on cheaper prices. Cheap and satisfying foods in Greece include marithas, squid, sword fish as well as mackerel. Normally, alcohol is cheaper in Greece compared to most European countries. Cheap beers include house wines, served with metal carafes. Macedonian sun hotel offer a very cheap and delicious meal.

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