Basic and Intensive Cleaning of Kitchen Sink Taps

The sink taps are in need of frequent cleaning. They accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. The kitchen is an area where dirtying the surfaces, including the tap, takes place very quickly. The sink tap is subjected to so much use, with a lot of washing many times a day. When the water in the area is hard, limescale is one of the problems that is added to the accumulation of other dirt. Indeed, it is often pointed out that kitchen sink taps need to be cleaned more often than sinks, and many people know that from their own practice.

Basic and Intensive Cleaning of Kitchen Sink Taps

Before the cleaning of the sink tap is started, people should check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the type of tap finish. The most frequently used types of taps are chrome ones, although there can be other types of tap finish that may need special cleaning with special products.

The cleaning of the kitchen sink tap should start with the most basic cleaning that is typically carried out. The basic cleaning can be done with plain water, and for better results mild dish soap can be added. After the tap has been wiped clean with the solution, it should be dried with a clean cloth, to enable the tap to shine clean.

In some cases, when people have not had enough time to clean the sink tap regularly, more intensive cleaning may be needed. Then white vinegar is the product which can help to remove the stubborn water spots and the fingerprints accumulated on the tap. When people are not certain about the type of finish of their sink tap, and they are afraid that white vinegar may damage the tap surface, they can test the action of the vinegar on a small hidden spot of the tap to check if there will be some damage to the surface.

Cleaning the tap around the edges is an especially difficult task. The edges are hard to clean, and keeping an old toothbrush handy to be able to clean the tap around the edges is a good idea. The edges of the tap can be cleaned using plain water, and dish soap can be added if necessary. After washing and wiping the edges, again the wiping with a dry cloth will help to preserve the surface and enable it to shine clean.

The most difficult area of the tap that should be given special attention during the cleaning is the drain section. Non abrasive cleaners can do miracles, and they will not damage the surface of the drain section of the tap. When people are afraid that some cleaner may damage the drain section surface, they can test it by applying it on a hidden spot to see if damage will occur.

Cleaning the kitchen sink tap in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is important, not only to keep the tap crisp clean, but also because the lifetime warranty often offered on new taps may be rendered void if caustic drain cleaners or other substances having a corrosive effect are used.


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