Decorate Your House On Rent

Many in India are still living in rented accommodation and have not found their dream home. Many have booked property and waiting for possession, which may take 3to 4 years. This long waiting period does not mean that you will let your rented accommodation keep boring and drab. This article explain how to decorate your house on rent according to your personality. 
The way you dress, the way you behave speaks volumes about your personality. Society accepts you as you present yourselves. The same goes for your house. Whether you are living in a house on rent or owning your abode, the way you decorate the house reflects your personality. In this era of luxury living, decorate your home according to your personality type is concept gaining importance. Coming back from work and resting in your comfort zone, which is just like the way you love, then why not. Moreover, who doesn’t desire of a special space that draws attention from family and friends. 

Design your House
In the 21st century, designing and styling the house is like giving a self-statement. The house space is beautifully converted into one’s likings and disliking. The space is turned into a prized ‘possession’ and truly reflects owner’s social status and personality. 
More and more people are thinking of making their dream house or even their temporary house an extension of one’s personality. Real estate developers, architects and home interior designers are catering to this massive demand. This rise in demand is also raising the bar for the designing professionals, who are following the international standards of architectural and landscape design. These designers are providing a host of amenities and services to the clients. 
This new age taste of buying or designing a house has lead to increased sales of luxury residential projects and high-end housing brands. The innovative architecture and the cutting edge designs attracts many to buy properties in this segment. Other sectors suffering from economic slump, this is one industry which is least influenced by market conditions. This changing mindset has lead to the growth of new and innovative designs and concept in interior decoration. 

Stylish Living is the Preferred choice

rental homes
 in the 80’s and 90’s were more of safe and comfortable living. The 21st century homes are all about luxury and stylish living. Right from constructing the house to designing the interiors, the houses today use new materials. Ply boards conveniently replacing Wood, and doors and windows are changing its shape and structure. Furniture in the living room is beautifully transformed into pieces of art. New and interesting items are added to the space adding chutzpah, elegance and style to the room. 
The luxury homes in the new residential projects offer buyers design and finish according to choices. The space inside are exclusive additions, fittings and fixtures. From designer lamps in the living room to state-of-the-art bathrooms, you can customize you living space. 

Kitchens, the most important part of any house, have changed drastically. From simple racks storing containers and kitchen utensils, there are now remote operated drawers and space saving racks. The Indian kitchens are now available in hues and colors. The technological advances are easily visible in the cooking space. Televisions and music systems are fitted in the kitchen, merging entertainment and work, all at the same time. There are also luxury house for rent with customized solutions. 
The 21st century house buyers mostly live in nuclear families and both partners are earning. This makes it even easier to afford the cost of decorating your house. The property owners giving house for rent mostly agrees to the taste and preference of tenant. Additions of little knick-knacks in the house make the space you own. 

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