Five Ways to Be a Successful Spear Fisherman

Spearfishing has been around for millennia and was mostly known just as a means of providing sustenance and a means of livelihood for fishermen of old. Using sticks with sharpened ends or sticks with sharpened metal points at the end, they would wade in shallow water and spear at fish swimming nearby and caught just enough for a whole day’s meal.

These days, however, spearfishing is done by using elastic powered spear guns and slings or compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns to hunt, in addition to specialized equipment that can adapt to varying aquatic conditions and fish species. Spearfishing may be done using free-diving, snorkeling or scuba-diving techniques although in some countries spearfishing using scuba equipment is illegal as well as the use of spear guns. 

Despite these conditions, many people are still inclined to join the ranks of seasoned spearos and share in the exhilarating sense of adventure that accompanies every spearfishing trip. Here then are a few tips to ensure your first spearfishing trip is a splashing success:

Join the Club

It is recommended that you join online forums or spearfishing clubs so that you can readily get information or ask questions from experienced spear fishermen about the sport. You can learn things like how to prepare for your first fishing trip, what equipment you’ll need and also be updated on the current rules and regulations concerning where and where you can’t spearfish.

Be Prepared

Get an idea of what particular species of fish you will most likely encounter in your chosen destination as this will help you prepare the necessary equipment you will need. Also update yourself on the current rules and regulations for bag limits in the area you are diving in.

Make Sure You are Fit to Spearfish

spear3 (1)As with any new endeavor involving strenuous physical activity, you will need to undergo medical examination to make sure you are fit enough for the sport. Take note that you will be required to swim at least 200m without fins, be able to spend up to at least six hours in cold waters and cope with strong currents and rough seas so it is important that you don’t have any respiratory or heart problems. Even having the slightest cold or sinus infections will make you unfit for spearfishing so being in excellent physical conditions is a must.

Get the Proper Spearfishing Equipment

A writer becomes a success at what he does when he is equipped with a laptop and excellent internet connection with which to do research. Aspiring spearos become successful when they equip themselves with the proper spearfishing gear like masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, weight belts, spear guns, floats, knives and fish keep. Never make price the major consideration as these gears are aimed to both protect you underwater and make sure you are safe while spearfishing.

Learn to Be Quiet

The aim of spearfishing is to be able to catch fish without them being aware of it. If you observe experienced spearos at work, you will notice that they do their best to move as quietly as possible to make sure they don’t scare the fish away. Also, if you settle down quietly on the seabed, chances are you will find that more fish will tend to swim your way.

So there you have it, a five-step guide towards becoming a successful spear fisherman. Now that you have a basic idea of how to go about
spearfishing, it is up to you to hone your skills and fine tune them until you are a menace underwater, expertly catching elusive game fish and winning competitions. Just make sure you update yourself regularly on any important information like licensing fees and restricted areas so you can continue this sport for a long, long time.


Lincoln Davis knows all about spear fishing and gears. He's now blogging for a spear fishing products company and would like to share his tips, advice and suggestions about what he has learned about spearfishing.