Tips about Cleaning the bedrooms

Cleaning the bedrooms properly doesn’t just mean running around the vacuum cleaner and make the beds, it’s not enough to simply make the room’s look presentable, they also need to be clean so that you can be sure everyone in the household is sleeping in a room that is healthy and as germ free as possible. The best thing you can do is to make a list of all the things that don’t need to be done daily, it is easy to forget when you last cleaned something and therefore know when it’s due to be done again. And if you are trying to put off doing the cleaning, it’s much easier to say “I’ve not long cleaned that” when you have no way of checking. You should try to keep on top of cleaning bedrooms, if you do it won’t take as long to clean in the future.

Steam Cleaning the Living Room


Each day when you go into the rooms to make the beds and open the windows to let some fresh air in, you should de-clutter the room. This means getting rid of anything in the room that you do not want or need, and storing away anything that is left in the room so that very little is left on display. Put away all personal items in bedside tables. Keeping on top of de-cluttering is very important but once you’ve done it once, if you then do it daily, it takes hardly any time.

Cleaning Floors and surfaces:

You will need to vacuum and polish the surfaces in the bedrooms, ideally this should be done daily, but as long as you do it a couple of times a week it should be fine. Remember to vacuum the ceilings and light fixtures to remove any dust, and wipe over things like light switches and remote controls, i.e. things that are used and therefore touched often.


You should make sure you clean the windows in your bedrooms regularly to allow as much natural light into the room as possible. Try to clean the windows monthly, avoid doing this on a sunny day as this will cause the window cleaner to dry quicker and then the window will have smears. Try not to get too much cleaning solution on the window frames and sills as it could damage the wood or break down the plastic bonding, make sure you remember to also clean your window frames, sills and handles each time you clean your windows.

The beds:

You should change the linen on the beds with a fresh set every week, once you have removed the old sheets allow the mattress some time to air, and flip and rotate the mattress before you put the fresh linen on. When you wash bedding, make sure the temperature of the water is at least 60 degrees to kill any germs or dust mites living in the fabric, and let the linen dry naturally in direct sunlight.

Dust mites love to live in mattresses and bed linen, they cause allergies and an increase in symptoms of asthma sufferers as well as some skin irritations. Cleaning your mattress will greatly reduce the amount of dust mites living in it, though it will not get rid of the problem entirely as this is almost impossible to achieve. Vacuum your mattresses at the very least, once a month, and consider using an upholstery cleaner to get rid of any unsightly stains or dirty marks. Once you have cleaned your mattress consider buy a protective mattress cover so that you don’t need to clean the mattress itself as often in the future.

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