What can a cleaning company do for you?

There are a number of benefits to using a cleaning company that can prove very beneficial for you. Here are some of the many advantages you can expect to see from using a cleaning service:

What can a cleaning company do for you

  • Insurance: Cleaning companies will usually have insurance, this is either included in the quote or can be offered at an additional charge. This kind of liability insurance will cover you in the event of something happening to you, your belongings or your home, whilst also offering the cleaning company a certain level of protection. This kind of insurance is not usually offered by an independent cleaner, therefore any damages to your things will cost you money to fix, there will be no insurance company to foot the bill.

  • If you hire an independent cleaner and they are ill or on holiday, your home goes uncleaned until they return. This is not the case with a cleaning company, who have a number of staff working for them and will be able to replace your absent cleaner with someone else, giving you the pace of mind that your home will still be cleaned.

  • If you were to hire a cleaner, you would need to advertise for a cleaner, set up interviews and call references before deciding who to hire. You would also need to make yourself aware of your responsibilities as an employer and contact HMRC to arrange paying the cleaners tax on their earnings. All of this takes up a lot of time and energy. Hiring a cleaning company though, makes things much easier as they will be the employer. Therefore the cleaning company will be responsible for hiring and firing, interviewing and advertising and checking references and for paying HMRC.

  • If you hire an individual cleaner the likelihood is that it will be you who needs to buy the cleaning product and equipment the cleaner needs, not just initially but every time they run out of something or a piece of equipment breaks. Cleaning companies will usually supply their own materials and equipment, saving you both time and money.

  • Cleaning companies are able to offer a vast array of special cleaning services, most of which an independent cleaner is going to be likely to be able to complete, for example:

    • Deep Cleaning: whether it is time for your annual spring clean, or you are moving out of or into a new home, you may have the need for a thorough and deep clean. A cleaning company will be able to offer this to you, as well as being able to send you more than one cleaner to ensure the cleaning is done quickly.

    • You can book a cleaner just for the day or as a one off, you do not need to commit to having a cleaner come to your home every day or even every week.

    • Oven Cleaning services are offered by cleaning companies, they will use fume free, non-toxic products so you can still use your kitchen.

    • Carpet Cleaning: cleaning companies have specialised equipment to be able to clean your carpets more thoroughly and in quick time making your carpets look brand new.

    • Upholstery Cleaning: cleaning companies are also able to properly clean things you’re your sofa and any chairs you may have, they can clean fabric and wood.

    • Rug Cleaning: Cleaning companies can arrange to have your rugremoved from your home, sent away to be cleaned and then returned back to you.

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