When Things Go Wrong in Flat Sharing

There are many advantages in sharing a flat with someone. It
is especially advantageous if you are able to split all the bills on a monthly
basis, including the food bill as well. However, in 
share London
, many things can go wrong. One of these is especially
the violation of ones rights (and this applies to both parties).


This may take a while to evolve, but it certainly will make
for a very unpleasant 
. You might be excited at the prospect of having someone around to
share conversation with as well, but it might soon turn out to impinge on your
privacy. The flat mate might also start interrupting your daily routine and
that might just be the beginning of your frustrations.

The worst is when you and your flatmate do not get along,
especially at a later stage. This can become quite uncomfortable and it can
make life quite miserable especially if they have signed a lease. You will have
to wait for the lease to end unless you can make a deal with each other to end
it sooner. That is, if things become too out of hand and unbearable.

The breakdown often happens if you do not share the same
habits and tastes in things. It will become an annoyance and can lead to a
complete breakdown in communication. This will block out the finding of any
solution. With different social habits, you could drive each other quite mad

For example, you might enjoy an early night and your
flatmate might be a night owl, watching television until the early hours of the
morning. He or she might also have friends over at all hours and this is not
what you have signed up for. It can be extremely frustrating and

The worse part of it is that he or she might feel that it is
their right, as they are sharing the costs with you (especially if that is the
case). You might feel that you are not able to talk to them because of that as
well. It may lead to a cold war situation and, hence, no solution.

The best way to avoid all trouble with a flatmate is to make
sure that there are clear guidelines from the start. As a further protection,
it should be included in the lease agreement. If any of the guidelines, or
rules, is overstepped, you are in the clear to have an open discussion. This
would prevent potential conflict as well as clarify a living standard before
you even start sharing the flat.

Even more so, you should try and screen your potential
flatmates, as this would potentially assist a better living environment. You
could go as far as getting the person who best matches your lifestyle.





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