How to Find the Best Diamond Wholesalers Online

People will always want to own something that is uniquely theirs, whether it’s clothes, bags or jewelry. People love the way customization brings out their inner creativity and how it serves as an outlet to help them channel their inner artist.

Among the most popular items people love to customize is their jewelry. Jewelry is one of those that help people make a statement, a form of personal expression. The way they wear their jewelry and how it is designed often tells the story of their lives and is sometimes one of the ways we draw people to us. How many times have you made a new friend because you liked their earrings, their necklaces or their rings? 

A piece of jewelry that people love to customize in particular is their diamond engagement rings. Women these days are constantly looking for ways to show off their individuality, from their fashion choices down to their bling. Brides-to-be especially, shy away from what is traditional and go for out-of-the-box designs that not only fulfill this purpose but also set them apart from the rest.

However, buying an engagement ring can be financially challenging, especially if you want the best but don’t have the budget for it. While you can always go to online jewelry sites that sell them at least 20% cheaper than brick and mortar stores, there’s still the possibility of you ending up with a huge dent in your bank account and not entirely happy with your purchase.

Thdiamond2ese days, it is recommended that you explore your options further as far as trying to find the perfect and most affordable engagement ring is concerned. Among the options available is purchasing loose diamonds from 
diamond wholesalers as this is infinitely cheaper than retail since you skip the middleman and buy diamonds directly from the producers instead of the jewelers. Also, it is easy to find diamonds available in wholesale prices online as most online jewelers have extensive inventories and offer them at reasonable prices.

Your first step is to search for reputable wholesalers online. You can check out diamond forums and talk to professional jewelers or even those who constantly buy their diamonds online to get some expert advice and opinions. Often, these forums will have suggestions on where you can get the best deals as well as information on what sites to avoid. Once you have several sites shortlisted, make sure you carefully review each site’s return policies so you can be sure you’ll get your money back if and when you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your stones.

You should also look for sites with clear-cut loose diamond policies such as one that will require you to send them an email to let them know about the diamond you decided to purchase and if it happens to be unavailable, they will provide you with at least one loose diamond option that closely resembles the one that you originally requested for. In the same light, they should also be able to contact you to tell you if your request has been sold or is no longer available.

If you’re feeling more energetic, you can do the rounds of brick and mortar jewelry stores and talk to local jewelers who can put you in touch with reputable wholesalers. Sometimes, word-of-mouth can be the best way to learn about hard-to-find information and if a superb piece of diamond had been bought by someone, you can be sure everyone in the community will know about it.

And lastly, always know exactly what kind of diamond you want before you go and search for wholesalers. It saves you time and money knowing what you want in advance and will also get you exactly what you want so that there will be no regrets later on.

Shaan Berg is a blogger about lifestyle and fashion trends. She is a freelance stylist and writer who love to share her insights about the beauty and fashion industry and recommends the best sites for anything and everything fashion. She is currently blogging for, one of Australia's leading online jewelry sites.