Top Benefits of Renting Serviced Apartments

Being stocked with some essential amenities you can use for daily living, serviced apartments have become quite popular accommodation options around the world. Apart from being practical in terms of pricing and rental facilities, these apartments are also ideal for long-term and short-term stays while making you feel comfortable and at-home at the same time.


Whether you are travelling for a short while or looking for accommodation for an extended stay, one of the biggest perks of a serviced apartment is the fact that it provides you with the essential furniture and amenities. Sure, you can always rent a room at a hotel; however, you probably know the drill. You'll have a room of your own, but you don't get to enjoy the space as much as you can a serviced apartment. For one, hotel rooms don't come equipped with personal kitchens so you don't get to do your own cooking. The limited amenities yet full service provided at hotels may be an advantage for some, but for those who would like to explore their new homes as if it were their own home, they are surely better off with serviced apartments that can provide them with more personal and comfortable space.

Serviced apartments for rent are also considered more cost-effective compared to other accommodation options. If you are travelling with a group of friends, colleagues, or the whole family with your kids in tow, renting rooms at a hotel can be pretty expensive since you have to pay for every room for an hourly rate. With furnished apartments, though, you get to rent a whole house that can provide more privacy for every member of your travelling group. You can choose apartments based on the number of rooms and amenities needed by your travelling team, and even enjoy communal spaces in your new "home" at the same time.

Apart from increased privacy and personal use of various amenities provided, serviced apartments also make you feel more at-home since you can opt to do your own laundry, cooking, and cleaning. These apartment rentals still have their own cleaning staff, however, the services are less frequent (compared to hotels which are usually provided daily). With these rentals, you can decide on your own how you can make your house more livable and homey throughout the duration of your stay.

Of course, there are particular types of travelers that are ideal for serviced apartment accommodation. If you are travelling with your family, for instance, furnished apartments are highly recommended since you can supervise your kids and the whole family more. You can even bring your own pets in your new home (depends on your agreement with the landlord) and enjoy the amenities whenever you prefer. As for those relocating to a new city (probably because of work or studies, for instance), these accommodation rentals can also be considered best-suited for your needs. Even corporate travelers are better off with furnished accommodation since these are more cost-effective and practical. To know more about these accommodation options, you can take a look at 
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