8 Things Athletes Can Do To Have a Better Year

The year is more than half way over, but that doesn’t mean that your commitment to making this a great year should be fading. Here are eight things that you can do to improve your year as an athlete, and as a person (and probably improve someone else’s year along the way!).

1) Take Time to Disconnect. We are always connected to other people through the Internet, cell phones, social media, and tablets. Take some time away and disconnect, even for just a few minutes a day. Spend some alone time; read a book; meditate; listen to music while you clean your team uniform, or spend time connecting with friends face-to-face. 

2) Evaluate Your Social Media Posts. Similar to disconnecting, commit to reviewing your timelines and news feeds this year. Stop posting rants about other people (this includes those passive aggressive “I’m not going to name names” posts). Colleges, sports coaches and employers often use social media now to research candidates. Try to keep your timeline positive and use your personal journal, friends and family to get things off your chest and vent.

3) Make new friends. Sure you already have wonderful friends and teammates, but why not have more wonderful people in your life? Find people that make you laugh or that have similar interests. Seek out the person that is getting bullied. Stand up for those people and get to know them. You may just find a lifetime friend; even if you don’t, you will definitely be demonstrating that you are a leader.

4) Indulge in a guilty pleasure. Whether it’s a sweet treat or a reality TV show, guilty pleasures help us forget about the pressures of sports, school and the future. Indulge in your guilty pleasure. Believe it or not, taking time to not focus on anything can actually help you refocus and lead to a solution.

5) Compliment more. Did you walk past a girl wearing a really cute top? Tell her that you like it and watch her react joyfully. People that compliment feel great about making someone else smile; you can cheer yourself up by cheering someone else up first.

6) Create new goals. Whether you’re currently still on track for achieving those January 1st goals or you’ve decided to reevaluate, the mid-year is perfect for thinking of new goals to achieve by the end of the year. Have you been really busy? Think of simpler goals. Have you had trouble focusing? Change your goal to something entirely different! 

7) Enjoy the moment. Whether it’s every day for a few minutes or once a week for a solid period of time, you need to take the time to enjoy the present and not worry about the future or past. Meditate, zone out to music, listen to the waves at the beach. Whatever you do, leave friends, teammates, worries, and cell phone at home. This is the time to concentrate on yourself and get in touch with your suroundings again.

8) Do some fall cleaning. Just because it’s not spring doesn’t mean you can’t do some major closet cleaning. Whether it’s something small like separating your practice clothes and 
team uniform
 from your every day clothes or big like a full closet purge, it’s important to do a major cleaning. You may find something you thought you’d lost months ago!


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