Real Estate sites: Realty guides

Buying a property is never easy, whether it is an end user, investor or an NRI all face the same problems of whom to trust? Whom to ask? Where to seek guidance? ; About the actual state of affairs in the realty market. But Real estate websites can be of great help, in term of choosing, knowing the price and finalizing a deal.  


The real estate sector continues to remain highly unorganized in the country. Despite a lot of policy changes, the sector remains 95 per cent unorganized and only 5 per cent can be said to be organized. Speculations run amok in the market and hence, the actual property cost may be very different from the one quoted to a buyer or an investor. The buyer knows this and before getting into the market tries to gather as much information as he or she can in order to get a good deal.

Earlier the streams of information were limited and restricted to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues or the local property dealer. But now a buyer can avail all the information he needs on the real estate websites which are easy to access, free of cost and well known in the market. After the IT boom, among the first thing to go online were real estate sites, as it was always felt that there was a need for a bridge of information between realtors and buyers.

Broader picture

The real estate sites through open a broader picture about the real estate sector and show case all the possibilities available to a probable buyer or investor. Since these sites are easy to access, the popularity of the same has gone up manifold and the buyers are banking on the options displayed by the websites.

All the Information you need

The reason for the real estate sites to become instantly popular was the fact that they provide the buyer all the information related to the property in a fraction of seconds and the buyer can customize his search and look for the answers that he is seeking about a particular property.

Also, well-known real estate sites also offer advice, wherein one can post their query about one property or the overall property scene in his city or outside it with the click of a button.

Research and analysis

Realty sites also give information about the area, its background, why the prices went up or down in particular area during a certain period of time etc. Also, one can track the growth figures of chosen areas and analyse on one’s own about the future prospects of the property.

Property Prices come down

 As mentioned above the prices of the properties may be far away from a quoted figure and brokers may try to earn more commission by selling the property at a high rate. But not so is the case with these sites. First of all, there is no broker in between and one can choose a property one like on the website and conduct the deal on their own. Hence, the commission money is saved and also the hidden agendas of the broker.

Also, as one is directly dealing in the deal and the conversation is happening between the buyer and the seller, then the price of property automatically comes down because: firstly, the commission of the broker is done away with and secondly, as one knows there are various other options available on the internet, the seller is ready to bargain and bring down the price emerged out of speculation around a property.

Real estate sites are a boon for property buyers and hence always check in the sites to get a picture of the price range and options available in an area.