How to Choose Your Bridal Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is of course the most special day of your life and you can hardly be blamed for wanting everything to run perfectly on that day. From your dress to the bridesmaids’ dresses to the food and drink to be served at the reception to the honeymoon, you want it all planned perfectly down to a T and heaven help the person who would want to ruin it all.
However, as with all best-laid plans, there are the little things that could conspire to ruin your perfect day, among them choosing the wrong bridal accessories so that instead of looking like a queen, you end up looking less and it’s no thanks to the gaudy earrings your best friend made you wear because she claimed it looked fabulous on you.

For one, never trust anything except your own instinct when it comes to knowing what will look good on you. You are the only one who knows exactly what you can emphasize and de-emphasize about your looks (that is, if you are honest about how you look to begin with) and you are the only one who knows how you can achieve a balanced look and look every inch the glowing and radiant bride.

First things first, you need to choose your dress. Many brides-to-be have made the mistake of shopping for accessories first only to find that when they finally choose their dress, none of them go together with it. If you’re stuck about what accessories to get, you can always ask your fitter because after all, they designed the dress and should have a good idea of what accessories can go with it. And just because it’s white doesn’t mean any kind of hue will go with it.

For dresses that are on the bright white side, gold accessories may clash with this kind of hue so it may be best to stick to pearl and platinum to keep it simple and tasteful. The last thing you want to look is garish while walking down the aisle. You can save the gold, rose gold and silver for when you have off-white to ivory dresses as these highlight the creamy tint of the fabric and make you look glowing. You can also settle for candlelight colors which is a soft, light white with yellow undertones.

Another thing to consider would be your décolletage, as pairing your neckline with the proper accessory can add character to your wedding gown or enable you to highlight a unique feature. If you opt for a sweetheart or strapless gown, you can nix the necklace and opt for some great chandelier earrings instead. You can wear clear crystals for a classic look or give it a little more pizzazz by opting for colored ones. You can opt to use your birthstones or pick a color off your bridal bouquet but the one thing you need to make sure of is that you don’t go too much for the sparkle but pieces that are well-crafted. Real vintage pieces are recommended as they will give your wedding photos a more classic look as opposed to using dated fashion pieces. 

If your dress already has a vintage flair on the other hand, using modern pieces will create an interesting contrast. If you opt for a V-neck, a simple pendant on a thin chain should work, as well as pearls which is sure to give you a classic and charming look. And of course, if you go for the halter or reverse halter look, putting up your hair in a loose bun or high ponytail and accessorizing your tresses with crystal hairpins or a tiara made of flowers or feathers is always the best way to go. 

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